“Water is the new oil.” JEA selling our water to Water Barons? Don’t laugh. It’s happening.

by Billie Tucker Volpe

I recently had a chance to speak with City Council Member Randy DeFoor. She was not happy with JEA fast-tracking a potential sale — and she was most disturbed by the potential sale of our water. And I could not agree with her more.

As a consultant to the board of JEA about 10 years ago, I had the opportunity to meet with each Executive Team Member and Board Member monthly. During one of my meetings with the head of the water division, he told me that the biggest issue JEA would face in the future would be … WATER! I’ll never forget that meeting because I am fully aware that water is THE one thing we all need to survive. You don’t mess around with our water.

After my conversation with Ms. DeFoor, I did some deep research and went back into my notes from those days at JEA. What I discovered was indeed scary. Scary because if we don’t pay attention — and especially the City Council Members — we may all be paying our bills to a Water Baron or a big bank somewhere in the world. Or even to China!

The information and facts are here for all to read for themselves. We hope each City Council Member will pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the water sale at JEA.

Water is not to be gambled away because of political eyes seeing dollar signs. This is serious business friends and it needs your attention. Don’t take your EYE off this one.

Read this in-depth, fact-filled research paper about the sale of water across the world. Be informed. Contact your council member and tell them to read this too. You can reach them here.

Our water is the new oil for Water Barons. It’s also your “oil” so let’s not give it away without a fight!

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EDITORS NOTE: This Eye on Jacksonville column is republished with permission. © All rights reserved.

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