Watergate 2.0: The KGB’s Global Spy Ring

The coup d’état against Trump was orchestrated years ago by the Dems’ criminal cabal, that is why the impeachment process is strictly partisan and has outraged a lot of people. It is tearing apart our already divided country and split it further by driving and agitating public opinion against Trump. Americans are a very fair people, they have a sense of Justice, they are brought up by a unique political system and they instinctively feel unfairness. The minority whip Rep. Steve Scalise called impeachment 37 Days of a Soviet-Style Impeachment Proceeding. He is right and I will try to introduce the messenger from the Soviet Union running the anti-Trump campaign—America’s Socialist mafia.

I am not an American lawyer, but a former Soviet attorney, and I know Socialism very well–I lived half of my life under a Socialist regime [USSR] and I know the Socialist mafia. Now in America, I’ve been writing about Socialism and in particular about Bill Clinton for thirty years. (Revelation August 26, 2018.) I found plenty of Socialist methods and tricks being implemented in America, especially by the FBI and our Intel. Schiff’s fabrication is reminiscent of the former head of the KGB in the Soviet Union, Lavrentiy Beria’s, famous boast, “You bring me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” Knowing well the Soviet abusive power of the KGB, I was disturbed seeing similar methods and tricks in America, particularly by the current Anti-Trump cabal, America’s Socialist mafia. I am using a term KGB meaning the entirety of Russian Intelligence Services.

The Dems’ Socialist mafia has spent the last three years trying to create a path to impeachment against Donald Trump–they failed. I did not know Robert Mueller and I did not touch his credibility in my writing. Then I saw and listened to the Mueller-Hearing and I was stunned—there was not a smell of that major postulate in American jurisprudence: the presumption of innocence, yet $40 million had been wasted. His performance indicated some level of a lack of mental ability and that fact told me that the entire ordeal could’ve been used by the KGB—Mental Health has always been targeted by the agency; I have given several examples of it in my books and columns. Read here my column The KGB: A Global Terrorist Agency, March 11, 2018.

Moreover, Mr. Mueller was not familiar with elementary parts of his own report—he acted as if he did not even know of Fusion GPS. It wasn’t him writing the report–the carefully orchestrated script exposed that fact. Maybe American Liberty Report is right” If Mueller Didn’t Write the Report, That Means Someone from His Team of Former Clinton Lawyer FBI Agents Did. And that idea pointed me again to the Clinton mafia…Perhaps Clinton’s attack dog Andrew Weismann and Clinton Foundation attorney Jeannie Rhee ran the actual anti-Trump investigation. That put together Bill Clinton and Barack Obama and the answer of who wrote the carefully orchestrated script: America’s Socialist mafia, Vladimir Putin and his KGB… President Trump presents an existential threat to them all…

Socialist mafia have orchestrated the entire impeachment inquiry to allow them to manipulate everything to fit their narrative. This is the Russia collusion hoax all over again. I suspected that scenario when I saw the Trump/Dossier in 2017, it was the KGB Falshivka—a fraud and the major events coordinated by the KGB were expected to cover up Treason committed by the Clinton’s and Obama’s administrations. Three years of the Dems’ preparation led to the partisan impeachment of Trump.  Due to the Treason committed by the Dems our Constitutional Republic was very close to being destroyed by a foreign power. This power infiltrated every corner of our society, government, courts, culture, business, sport, and education, all cells of American body and soul to corrupt them from within. And now the sanctimonious Traitors-Dems are playing the role of national security’s defenders??? What a scam America! What a shame!

The Republican Party has hibernated for two decades, not defending the morality of capitalism and allowing Bernie “Trojan Horse” Sanders to make legitimate that fraudulent ideology of Socialism to fool and deceive America. What is the difference between Bernie and Adam Schiff?—they are lying identically in the best traditions of Stalin’s PC. Read here my column October 31, 2019, Political Correctness and the Socialist Revolution in America. Now a member of the Socialist mafia Rep. Omar has joined Bernie’s rally and declared “to end Western Imperialism.” WOW!—this is a familiar to me statement, I’ve heard it from the Soviet apparatchiks half of my life in the Soviet Union!!! Friends, pay attention to the “Squad,” they are the members of the American Congress! We are on the threshold of Socialist Revolution; and run by a Communist, Tom Perez America’s Socialist mafia now plan to complete it after the 2020 election…

From the first day of Obama’s presidency the war against the American Republic began to transform our country to a Socialist Administrative State. Socialist-Obama did not hide his real agenda, openly calling for this transformation. And he began fighting the unique political system left to us by our Founding Father. That is the reason Obama made the CIA Director a man, who voted in the previous election for a Communist candidate—John Brennon. The brain-washing war on America’s mind and soul was started by Socialist-Obama, lying constantly, using Stalinist Political Correctness and his holdovers—the train-engine of the coup d’état against Trump has been moving ahead to Watergate 2.0 

Yes, it is Watergate 2.0, because both Watergate 1.0 and Watergate 2.0 have been manufactured by the same American Socialist mafia in cahoots with the KGB and our Intel has not gone after them twice. Hence, Soros, (in my opinion a KGB agent) is sponsoring an election in Virginia today! America’s Socialist mafia have the same motivation, the same actors, and they are using the same dirty Soviet methods-tricks. Please read my column The Ideological Battlefield in Washington D.C. May 27, 2018 and especially the rubric: The Face of Stalinist Socialism: A communal Apartment. The column will reveal how many things about fraudulent Socialism you do not know.

There is a brilliant column 50 Years Ago Nixon Routed the Establishment NEWSMAX by Patrick Buchanan, 01 November 2019. Yet, I know more about our enemy than Patrick, he wasn’t in Moscow in 1959. I was present at the “Kitchen Debate” by Nixon and Khrushchev. The exhibition of American kitchen had achieved such a psychological and emotional effect that it was stronger than a victory of a million man military army and the KGB hated Nixon since that day. I saw that and their revenge came in the 1970s… Alas, neither Republican Party nor the FBI had been informed well: Republicans betrayed President Nixon, who suspected the Soviet interference.  I hope, history will find that really tragic story and the KGB’s global spy ring then.

Watergate 2.0 is using the impeachment as a search for cover, to escape the punishment for the crimes committed by the Dems’ leadership–the impeachment is an attempt to deflect from the real scandal. In this case, I believe that John Brennon was assigned by Obama to execute the entire criminal ordeal. I was writing about Brennan for all this years: “Another man has equally damaging information about Brennan: Sean Davis‏ Verified account @seanmdav.

John Brennan was CIA station chief in Saudi Arabia when the Khobar Towers were bombed. He was deputy exec. Director of the agency on 9/11. He was CIA chief of staff during the Iraq WMD debacle. And he ran the CIA when it spied on Congress (which he lied about under oath). My column Warning: Evil is Attacking America, August 22, 2018.

Here is my conclusion, written at the same time and warning you:

America is now experiencing all the traits, aspects and features of the preparations for a Socialist Revolution instigated by the Dems: lies and intimidation, sabotage, fraud, and fabrications, injustice, and violence. This united force will use the 2018 midterm elections to take over the House and begin a Socialist Revolution in America the way it took place in Russia one hundred years ago, when the ideology of Soviet Fascism was born. Clinton and Obama have already started the ball rolling to that end.


First: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” was manufactured and organized by Russian Intel through Democrats’ leadership and the Clinton Mafia.

Second: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” consists of two groups: the leadership of the Deep State and the leadership of the Clinton Mafia. Today, Rod J. Rosenstein of the DOJ the connective link of the two groups.

Third: Anti-Trump “criminal cabal” is run by three individuals: Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and Vladimir Putin. These three have been working together for decades…

Fourth: Investigation of this huge case of international espionage and treason requires deep knowledge of Russia and its Intel. The current FBI Director, Christopher Wray did not read my books, he doesn’t know that it took Stalin twenty-nine years to create and establish the Chinese Communist State. The structure, agenda, and ideology were identical in Russia and China. The two National Intelligence Agencies executed the same strategy, tactics, methods, and tricks, working as a hand and glove. Failed American Intelligence, August 1, 2018. I can repeat everything written above today in November 2019.

My fellow Americans!

If you still don’t know what Party is destabilizing and dividing America, please, read this headline: Division In America Over Impeachment Worse Than Nixon: 87 % Of Democrats Want To Impeach, 92 % Republicans Don’t  Flag & Cross, November 5, 2019. Meanwhile, the Dems’ candidates are campaigning for the 2020 election and U.S. presidency, several of them are sponsored by the KGB and George Soros.

My God! Help us to prevent another civil war in America!

To be continued www.simonapipko1.com or at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/.

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  1. will rodgers
    will rodgers says:

    I believe all this is true, but the other thing the Deep State did under obama’s CIA director was to create Operation Mockingbird. This operation issues the daily liberal anti american talking points to the MSM, all Democrat leaders, and other party members.. It is so solid and well orchestrated it drowns out any other points of view and dismisses all conservative voices as radical alarmists and conspiracy theorists. Somehow, the Right needs to find a counter measure.


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