New Created by Conservatives for Conservatives Supports Tampa Bay Conservatives

TAMPA, FL (May 21, 2020) – In an effort to support conservatives in the Tampa Bay area of Florida, a consortium of like minded media people have banded together to disseminate conservative related news and opinion.  According to the founder, Tim Bryce of Palm Harbor, “There is no doubt the news media in our area has liberal inclinations.  Consequently, it is next to impossible to post any news or OpEd pieces pertaining to conservative values.  As such, we have started this coalition as a one-stop web site to support conservatives in the Bay area.  From it, we expect synergism to emerge by forming a network of cooperation.”

In addition to conservative related news, there is a calendar of events, along with direct connections to media contacts, such as podcasts from Willie Lawson, the conservative voice of Tampa Bay, and Dr. Rich Swier of Sarasota, who publishes a popular and respected e-Zine, with a stable of fine writers.  Also, K.P. Leonard’s “Senior Voice America” supports TBC representing a printed monthly  newspaper aimed at Tampa Bay seniors.  The Editor for the News section is Helena Nunn, long known in the area for her postings of conservative news links.

TBC also includes a research section to check information, a listing of conservative political clubs in the area, along with a section to register to vote in Florida.  Political surveys are included and a series of Zoom Town Hall meetings are planned.  A “Speakers Bureau” is also available listing conservative speakers available for talks.  There is even a “Funny Pages” section to list conservative related humor.

What makes this unique is the site is tailored to the needs of a specific community and ideology.  It is hoped this becomes a model for other metropolitan areas in the country.   The TBC site is free to use and participation is voluntary.  The site can be found at:


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