VIDEO: My interview with Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones.

Sheriff Jones made national headlines recently when he said, “You shoot at the police, expect us to shoot back.”

I interviewed Sheriff Jones about this statement and ask a few other questions about the dangerous political climate police officers are facing throughout the country.


0:49: Tell us about the good police do that rarely get recognized.

2:38: Can social workers really replace the police?

4:46: Talk about police chiefs resigning in major cities.

11:06: Why was it necessary to warn criminals about shooting at the police?

13:05: Are police who use force being unfairly accused of wrongdoing?

16:57: Is the mainstream media promoting the cause to defund the police?

18:22: Are any of the publicized police shootings been actual police abuse?

19:18: Should the “Thin Blue Line” flag be banned in school sporting events? 21:17: How encouraging are pro-police rallies to law enforcement?

24:09: How long will you remain sheriff of Butler County?

25:10: Why is being Sheriff of Butler County rewarding? 27:59: A warning to armed criminals wearing a mask during COVID 19.


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