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A Family Torn Apart: A Teen’s Descent into Horror

A tragic story that will shock, sadden, and enrage. After being rescued by the FBI, rape victim Sage Blair was placed in solitary confinement by the Baltimore Juvenile Justice Center. A devastated Virginia grandmother, Michele Blair, is suing the Appomattox County School Board and a Baltimore public defender, alleging they concealed information about her teenage […]

When Does a Government Become Illegitimate in the Eyes of God?

The Bible says all authority is established by God and rulers are ministers of God. So, when do when do leaders lose their legitimate authority to rule over our lives? Last week, Kamala Harris was in Florida to commemorate the 50-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1972 decision legalizing abortion, which (as everyone in America […]

Psychologist Ordered To Undergo Re-Education

Criticism of Justin Trudeau, the dictator of Canada, may sound like a lot of fun – but not for Dr. Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist, best-selling author, and professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.  Peterson has been told he must submit to “re-education” and social reconditioning after criticizing comrade Trudeau’s Covid-19 travel ban […]

Number Of Children Chemically Castrated Has Doubled Since 2017

Everything seems to be skyrocketing these days – inflation, housing costs, interest rates, and illegal migrants flowing over the border. But this statistic is truly alarming: The number of American children subjected to ghoulish chemical castration and genital mutilation has doubled since 2017. And since the data comes from insurance reports, the actual number could […]

Congress needs to investigate the criminal snooping of the FBI and HHS

Federal law enforcement agencies are violating the 1974 Privacy Act by gathering, storing, and demanding social media posts be throttled or censored. The sensible ambition of every human is to feel secure. To feel safe. To be worry-free from random or intentional attacks. We desire it so much, that most are willing to sacrifice a […]

VIDEO: State Department will ’empower’ atheists and humanists, but no mention of helping Christians or Jews

Here’s this week’s episode of Shout Out Patriots: ​Federal tax dollars to “promote atheism worldwide” When Congressman Jim Banks of Indiana made the startling revelation on June 30 that our U.S. State Department was using taxpayer money to fund a program to “promote atheism worldwide,” the news was met with little fanfare, criticism, or outrage. As quickly as […]

Woman Not Charged for Stabbing Store Clerk Who was Defending Himself Against Her Violent Boyfriend

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots: ​Bodega store clerk charged with murder after defending himself As Jose Alba, 61, was being violently assaulted by a man in a Harlem bodega, the store clerk grabbed a knife in self-defense and fatally stabbed his attacker. The confrontation began when a female customer didn’t have sufficient […]

​Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson Sues Barnes & Noble for Selling Obscenity to Minors

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots: ​Virginia Delegate Tim Anderson sues Barnes & Noble for selling obscenity to minors Do parents have a right to decide if their children see and read obscene material? Some authors, politicians, and other outspoken members of the Left argue that the answer is no. They want children to […]

PODCAST: A Double Legal Standard Sweeps the Nation

Are conservatives facing a double legal standard? Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr says Republicans are facing a double standard in America’s legal system. No sooner than making this pronouncement the double standard was on full display in several high-profile incidents around the country. At Shout Out Patriots we call attention to how some in […]

PODCAST: Biden’s real reason for putting his Ministry of Truth committee inside Homeland Security

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots: ​Ministry of Truth is located INSIDE a law enforcement agency for a reason After reading the news, do you ever feel like checking your driver’s license to make sure you’re still living in the United States? That’s exactly how I felt in mid-April when I woke up […]

Liberal Psychobabble is Torturing Our Collective Brains

Here’s our recent episode of Shout Out Patriots: ​Liberals want to turn our God-given brains into psychobabble mush Is liberal psychobabble torturing your brain? Consider these non-scientific fantasies that can turn your brain into compliant mush if you let them: Humans evolved through natural selection. Unborn babies are not human. Climate change will destroy the […]