WATCH: James O’Keefe on Sean Hannity — Ballot Harvesting Fraud

Last night, Sean Hannity invited Project Veritas Founder and CEO, James O’Keefe, on his Fox News show.

They discussed the rampant voter fraud that Project Veritas uncovered in Minnesota implicating Rep. Ilhan Omar.

Watch the video HERE:

It is truly unbelievable what the evidence shows that Ilhan Omar and her associates have been able to get away with.

The content is so shocking that even Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Kelly Loeffler have chimed in:

Committing crimes has consequences.

Americans want to trust our electoral system, so an immediate investigation is needed to identify everyone involved in illegal ballot harvesting schemes.

Also, don’t forget: there’s a presidential debate tonight.

Make sure to keep tweeting #CashForBallots all day. Let’s keep the pressure on before the debate.

In Truth,

Project Veritas Team

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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    This was one of many that’s going to happen across the nation. Notice how in the videos it involved Somali immigrants. It is similar to what the jihadists did to put key people (other suit wearing jihadis) in positions like the mayor of London. And when people like Gyorgy Schwartz (Soros) fund these illegal activities, nothing is done because the US legal system has been hijacked with Soros DAs and other anti-American marxists. It is all part of the global sedition scheme against the US gov to be overthrown by foreign influences by the CCP and Iran/Palestine. In addition to hijacking the legal systems, the suit wearing jihadis and marxists have pushed into every level of the US system from businesses to academia, military, local, state, and national levels. Some are even in the Congress.


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