VIDEO: The New York Times is Now on Notice

I have a big announcement to share with you.

Due to the fact that The New York Times has become the epicenter of Fake News, especially when reporting on Project Veritas, I have decided to take legal action against their defamatory tactics.

In their latest piece on Project Veritas, “journalist” Maggie Astor attacked our Minnesota Ballot Harvesting investigation claiming it was a “coordinated disinformation campaign.”

You bet I have a response to that. Watch it here:

This isn’t the first time The New York Times has come after us, but I guarantee you: they will think twice next time they consider defaming our work.

Just curious, Maggie Astor, what in our Minnesota video was “deceptive?” Can you name ONE “deceptive” edit, you HACK?

Also, “probably” part of a coordinated disinformation effort? What the hell does that even mean? Is this what The New York Times considers journalism?

The New York Times constantly deceives its audience, and then people like Astor think they have the moral authority to judge our journalistic ethics. Pathetic.

If all of that weren’t bad enough, Astor then fabricates this conspiracy theory [CLICK HERE].

So, let me get this straight – The New York Times is using some random Stanford researchers to give credence to their conspiracy theories?

Just so you know, Ms. Astor, Project Veritas had decided on releasing our Minnesota investigation DAYS BEFORE Sunday.

Nobody at Project Veritas had any idea that your so-called publication would be launching a story about President Donald Trump’s taxes on the same day.

After Astor’s story was published, other corrupt media outlets wasted no time in parroting The New York Times narrative:

This is why good people don’t want to do what Project Veritas does. The media hacks work with each other to besmirch and defame anyone who steps in the way of their political agenda.

I just can’t stand by and let The New York Times get away with this.

Friend, that is why we are going to sue them.

And oh, by the way, we are UNDEFEATED in litigation:

Nobody at Project Veritas is scared of The New York Times. That’s because we know we will prevail in the fight for truth.

The New York Times hasn’t seen anything yet.

Be Brave,


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