DUMB AND DUMBER: Is Hunter Biden really that stupid to drop off his laptop computer and fail to pick it up?


Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, did something nearly every American would never do. Hunter took his laptop to John Paul Mac Isaac, who owns The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware a computer repair store and then left it there. Hunter never paid for the repairs to his laptop and therefore the laptop became the property of the store owner. When the store owner saw what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop he immediately turned it over to the FBI but kept a copy of what was on the hard drive.

Now the story gets interesting.

The FBI never got back to the computer store owner. So then Mr. Isaac sent a member of Congress and a nonprofit website copies of what was on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Again, like the FBI, both did nothing with the information provided. Finally, the information was sent to Rudy Giuliani, a former U.S. Attorney and mayor of New York City, who then turned it over to the New York Post. The New York Post then published a story titled “Smoking-gun email reveals how Hunter Biden introduced Ukrainian businessman to VP dad.

What was on Hunter Biden’s laptop was damning to both himself and his father Joe.

Once the New York Post story, complete with emails and videos from the laptop, got into the public arena big tech, i.e. Twitter and Facebook, stepped in quickly to suppress the information. In the minds of Twitter and Facebook, the American people have no right to know the truth about Hunter and Joe Biden’s quid pro quo dealings with foreign governments and companies to enrich themselves.


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All we can say is like father, like son!

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