‘Lives Are at Risk if Biden Becomes President,’ Veterans warn in documentary film ‘The Choice’

WATCH: The Choice.

In “The Choice,” Veterans warn that electing Biden would endanger the lives of Veterans and weaken national security. Film to be widely distributed in the final days of the campaign.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. /PRNewswire/ — As the nation enters the final days of the presidential election campaign, the Coalition for American Veterans is releasing a riveting documentary film, “The Choice,” in which Veterans speak out on the election and on key issues facing our nation’s heroes.

In the film, three Veterans – two men and one woman – are interviewed.  One combat Veteran says, “I believe that lives are at risk if Biden would become president.”

The Veterans also discuss the traumatic effects of war – injuries (physical and psychological), depression, drug addiction, alcoholism, and suicide.  In their interviews, they criticize the Obama-Biden administration for its neglect of veterans, sounding the alarm about a return to such policies if the Biden-Harris ticket is elected.

For previews and trailers of “The Choice,” see the Coalition for American Veterans website at https://coalitionforamericanveterans.com/the-choice/ or go to https://bit.ly/34ANNdC on the group’s YouTube page.

The documentary is part of a vigorous campaign effort by the Coalition for American Veterans.  The group is working aggressively to maximize voter turnout among Veterans in Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, and Nevada.

Between now and Election Day, the Coalition for American Veterans is conducting a grassroots outreach effort to stand up for Veterans’ issues via videos, rallies, telephone town hall meetings, social media, phone calls, mailings, text messages, email alerts, and literature distribution.

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