MINNESOTA: Trump rallies in Rochester, and thousands show up defying AG Ellison’s sabotage efforts

WATCH: President Trump rally in Minnesota.

While allowing pro-Biden rioters to burn down and loot their cities.

Minnesota’s radical Attorney General tried to sabotage President Trump’s event, in the hope that the event would be cancelled. Well that’s not the way President Trump works. Trump came to Minnesota, and thousands of his supporters were waiting for him. Trump is going to win Minnesota on November 3rd.

Trump Rallies In Rochester, With Spillover From 250 Capacity Showing Support Outside

By CBS Minnesota, October 30, 2020

President Donald Trump is getting ready to speak at the Rochester International Airport. He will speak to a crowd of about 250 supporters, but hundreds of others who couldn’t get inside were showing their support outside.

Just four days before the election, Trump supporters are hoping for four more years for the President. Some came from other states just to rally.

“We came up last night. We left around 12 and drove straight through,” Allison Meyer, of St. Louis, said.

“We’ve been following the Trump train showing up at events to support the President’s campaign,” Lola Sparks, of Colorado, said.

At one point the rally was supposed to take place at McNeilus Steel in the town of Dodge Center, but was moved to Rochester and capped at 250 people to comply with COVID-19 Guidelines. In a tweet, Trump blamed state leaders for limiting the crowd size.

“I love President Trump. I love America. I would like to keep America great and that’s why I came,” Kieran Walsh, of St. Paul.

For those not able to get inside, a Jumbotron was set up for supporters to watch the president’s speech.

“You can look at Trump’s track record. He has a phenomenal track record. His economy speaks for itself,” Cameron Dowden, of Goodhue, said. “I think the movement he’s created is phenomenal, and I think the opposition he faces is detrimental to this country.”

Tom Blondelle says he shows up at Trump rallies to promote Patriotism. He believes the President needs another term to fix Washington.

“Just because he’s a goomba and a rich guy doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have the heart and soul of an American,” Blondelle said. “There weren’t just alligators in there, there were crocodiles too. And they were Democrats and Republicans. Our country is really corrupt. It’s a mess.”

The president is calling this a “MAGA Peaceful Protest.” He was in Green Bay, Wisconsin before making his way to Rochester Friday afternoon.

Biden is also stopping in Minnesota Friday. He’s holding an afternoon drive-thru event in St. Paul.


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