VIDEO: Trump Team Sidney Powell — ‘It’s Massive Criminal Voter Fraud Writ Large Across at Least 29 States’

Sidney Powell: …..They can watch the voting real time. They run a computer algorithm on it as needed to either flip votes, take votes out, or alter the votes to make a candidate win.”

“Eric Bolling: “Now that’s different….. I want to be very meticulous about this, it’s one thing to be able to watch it and decide how much more input you need to change, to change the number, but you’re saying  there’s an actual way to change the total, the tallies within the system? ……here’s an actual way to change the vote tallies in the system?

That’s a very, very big claim thereThat would be voter fraud defined.

Sidney Powell“It’s massive criminal voter fraud writ large across at least 29 states……Any time a voting machine was connected to the internet, we have evidence that many were, it was obviously happening. It’s obvious from the algorithm and the statistics that our experts are tracking out with batches of votes, when the curves changed –– it’s going to blow the mind of everyone in the country when we present it all together and explain it with affidavits and experts that have come forward.” Team Trump Counsel Sidney Powell


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