ELECTION UPDATE: Chances of Biden winning PA, MI, GA, WI Independently after Trump ’s early lead is less than 1 in a quadrillion.

The 2020 presidential election is the most bizarre in my lifetime. This kind of election destroys Americans trust in our system nation wide.

I have never seen:

  1. The media call an election before all votes are counted.
  2. The growing examples of not only voter fraud but growing proof of election fraud.
  3. The tech giants attempt to paint anyone who disagrees with them negatively or even censoring them.
  4. The lack of some GOP elected officials to get behind the movement to #CountEveryLegalVote.
  5. The odds that a weak candidate like Biden could win anything without help from organized election fraudsters.
  6. The lack of justice in state supreme courts to sworn testimony of voter/election fraud on a massive scale.

In a Business Insider article titled 83% of Republicans polled after the 2020 election said they didn’t believe Joe Biden won  reported:

  • It’s been a month since major news organizations projected Joe Biden to win the 2020 election. But 83% of Republicans polled by Gallup in the days afterward indicated they didn’t believe the reports.
  • In the poll, taken from November 9 to 15, 99% of Democrats, 64% of independents, and 17% of Republicans characterized the news reports as “accurate.”
  • The vast majority of Republicans polled — 89% — said they didn’t believe the electoral process worked well, while 92% of Democrats said it did.
  • The 2020 election was unlike any other in US history, with an unprecedented surge in mail-in voting, a raging pandemic, and a huge spike in domestic misinformation.

Here’s one example of the odds of Biden’s win in swing states.

WATCH: Trump Team Begins a Forensic Exam in Michigan; Supreme Court Path Opens in PA | Facts Matter

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