Watch ‘Brave New Digital World: The Revelation’ — Full Version

“With technomedia giants like Facebook, Google and Twitter censoring political speech on the eve of a national election, Brave New Digital World: The Revelation is more important and relevant than ever!” – Barbara James

“Brave New Digital World: The Revelation packs more common sense and clear insight into 45 minutes than the entire Silicon Valley — thoroughly inebriated on its own power and wealth — has produced in the past 30 years.”  – M. Caro

Thanks to LC for sending us this YouTube video titled Brave New Digital World: The Revelation by Jeff Einstein.

Produced and posted more than three years ago by visionary media critic Jeff Einstein, Brave New Digital World — the Revelation remains more relevant and timely than ever. In it he describes the rise of a dystopian society ruled by a state-sanctioned meta-addiction to all things media and all things digital.

“What happens,” he asks, “to our time and money and freedom when addiction emerges as the default social condition, the rule rather than the exception?”

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EDITORS NOTE:  You can find more of Mr. Einstein’s visionary work at Jeff Einstein 2.0. Thanks for watching. Please feel free to comment below…and please share this video!

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