Why Flying Our Flag Upside Down is NOT Illegal nor Insulting to our National Colors

The following are just some of the reasons we have reached that point where flying the American flag upside down is necessary as a symbol of national distress.

  1. FBI ordered to vet 25K national guardsmen because Biden Admin thinks there may be “white supremacists” or “right wing extremists” among them planning an attack.  Based on what?  1 NG guy from NJ found inside Capital building and one female Air Force vet shot to death inside capital building on Jan. 6th, 2021 inferring the entire military are potential insurrectionists?
  2. SOD orders entire military to stand down for 60 days to investigate for any extremists (and then what, court martial them?)
  3. Department Homeland Security ordered to look for people and groups that have contrarian views (e.g. conservatives) to the Biden Admin ideology and charge them as “domestic terrorists” – note under the unconstitutional Patriot Act a US citizen deemed to be a “domestic terrorist” even just because he/she has a different world view or thinks differently or opposes socialism can be arrested and imprisoned without Due Process and confined “indefinitely”.
  4. Biden has ordered all immigration laws be ignored e.g. stop deportations, let 14K detainees free, stop wall construction, let illegals across our borders which will include, violent gang members, murderers, drug traffickers, human traffickers, foreign terrorists etc.  – is this not a national security issue?
  5. Biden has reversed the Trump order that no federal (e.g. tax payer) $ flow to Sanctuary Cities which have been hotbeds of illegal alien criminal activities.
  6. Biden lifted the ban on transgenders in the military which allows mentally ill people to enter the military and have sex change operations at taxpayer expense.
  7. Biden has ordered the wearing of masks on all federal property and lands – so what does this mean for servicemembers training on federal lands?
  8. Biden has ordered the fed govt to “pursue a comprehensive approach to advancing equity for all with respect to race, ethnicity, religion, income, geography, gender identity, sexual orientation and disability” – can you imagine what this is going to do to military personnel policies including promotion system and policies ?  Also military pay.
  9. Biden has revoked Trump’s travel ban on nations with individuals posing a terrorist threat to the US.
  10. Biden is taking advice from and putting members of the Chinese Communist Party into key govt. positions and sure as hell has personally profited from millions $ provided him and his family from the Chicoms and the Russians.  Is this someone we want as our Commander-In-Chief.  I’m sure many, like me, who fought against communism putting ourselves in harm’s way  for so many years of our military careers are now exasperated at what has come to pass.

And the rush to socialism goes on –  if these actions in only the first two weeks don’t pose a threat to U.S. national security and our military readiness then I don’t know what does and this is only the tip of the iceberg.

For every military veteran who opposes this symbolism of flying our flag upside down, I’d bet anyone a six pack of their favorite beverage. Their are two currently flying their flags upside in a legal display of their first amendment rights.  There are no laws, ordinances, codes or even protocols that restrict this – if there were then why can people burn, stomp on, walk on, spit on, drag on ground, put in toilets full of urine and crap as displays of art, etc. etc. and get away with it.  It is a leftist propaganda fear tactic to tell folks they will be arrested if they fly their flags upside down.

By the way, any veteran who opposes flying our national colors upside down but watches NBA games or watched the Super Bowl on Sunday should look inward at the hypocrisy of supporting prima donna millionaires who think our flag and national anthem are symbols of “oppression” but criticize those vets who see flying the flag upside down as a symbol against our country becoming a socialist/communist state.

Remember what Benjamin Franklin wrote, “ “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

©Royal A. Brown, III. All rights reserved.

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  1. Laura Erickson
    Laura Erickson says:

    The above article says it all. It is common sense!

    I fear for what our current president is doing to our country and that is why my American flag is upside down. I love this country! I hate what is happening to it. I would much rather have my flag in its correct position with the knowledge we are all safe and not full of fear of the we are experiencing!!!!!!

    • Royal Brown III
      Royal Brown III says:

      Spot on Laura – every family loving, Godly, patriotic, constitutional conservative in this country joins you in our disgust for the Evil the Obama 3 Administration and its puppets Beijing Joe Biden and Commie Kamala Harris (along with the socialist controlled Congress and do nothing SCOTUS) are doing to our beloved country).

      Those of us who served in uniform fighting against Communism and our supporters find it particularly exasperating that we now stand on the brink of becoming a Communist State.

  2. V Panetta
    V Panetta says:

    Yes,…America is in dire distress and extreme danger,…what most fail to understand yet, it’s much worse that that.

    Yes,… “The greatest threat to America and the World is the Progressive Left.” – Liberal Democrat, US Constitutional law scholar, Alan Dershowitz

    But it’s worse than that.

    Dr Clare Graves Evolutionary Devolopment Model predicted the coming of the Woke Insanity,…and called them Level 6. Graves said, “The person operating at the 6th level [must] realize that everything that human beings have ever believed in, is by and large, wrong.”

    In other words, the only healthy Level 6 is one who recognizes that EVERYTHING they believe is WRONG.

    Yet that’s not all,…Dr Grave also said, ” the 6th level of thinking are an attack upon nature and Nature’s Laws, that should be around for the shortest period of time of any of the lower ways of thinking that we have had”

    They have already been around too long,…having already sucessfully indoctrinate many of our children since the 80’s to desire neo-socialism, and that ALL White people are racist. While Black children are taught that Black is beautiful.

    Americans are going to turn more than their flags upside down.

    • Royal Brown III
      Royal Brown III says:

      Excellent comments. Marxist BLM and other Communist groups spurned on by the Obama 3 Administration have pushed WOKENSSS to replace traditional American values including Critical Race Theory; cancel culture; systemic racism; identification politics; etc.

      As stated above they are not only going against God’s laws but all man’s laws guaranteeing God’s laws such as the Bill of Rights with their first principle being “There is no ultimate Truth”. Biden confirmed this when he has stated multiple times “no amendment is in fact the ultimate truth.”

      We are in for very painful times and Republican leaders are responsible for them by not standing up to the stolen elections in AZ, GA, PA, MI and WI which Trump won and should have received minimum of 370 EC votes.


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