Putin’s Revenge: The Biden/Harris Ticket

When the FBI cleared Putin in Colonial Pipeline hack, it was a real bombshell and my blood pressure went over 200. Two questions immediately came to the forefront, and those questions must be answered. Does the FBI and our Intel know well Russia and her Intelligence apparatus? Or, perhaps, has the FBI collaborated with Russian Intel? We had numerous events to be skeptical and suspicious about Russia during the last several decades, and the phrase Russia, Russia, and Russia has occupied our politics and press. Yet, neither of those two questions have been answered despite the fact that the FBI and our Intel are two primary gates of national security in America…

History of the Truth

We have multiple crises at home and abroad. But don’t be surprised, those crises all have derived from the same cause and the same source—Russia. Moreover, America sees a Socialist Revolution in the country today and nobody in power understands nor reacts accordingly to stop it. Where is the FBI, where are all 17 Intelligence agencies? The answer to the questions is simple: None of them know Russia, her Intel, which is spreading the ideology of Soviet Socialism globally for the last hundred years. The FBI Director was wrong saying: “I don’t think there is any country (but China) that presents a more severe threat to our innovation, our economic security and our democratic ideals,” he stated at Senate Hearing April 14, 2021.

The FBI Director Christopher Wray is very wrong, because there is another bad actor from within, who began destroying our country and the Western civilization a hundred years ago—Russia. Yes, Russia is the major problem of the world for the last century and yes, Russia is killing our soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet, neither American Intel, all seventeen, nor the FBI know Russia, her Intel, and the ideology of Soviet Socialism. In fact, Russia has been “A National Emergency” since Stalinist Soviet Socialism’s aspirations to spread that ideology globally, established in the 1930s.

As a former Soviet defense attorney, I had known that history and warned Americans in my writings for the last thirty-five years… The Collapse of the Soviet Union has not changed anything in the security apparatus—Putin’s KGB is still in control and power in Russia. As a matter of fact, I am using the term the KGB writing about Russian Intel as a whole. Americans are well aware of those three letters. I am discussing with Americans the KGB Mafia/Army in our country. And it is not a coincidence that the KGB had survived and catapulted a former counter-intelligence officer of the KGB, Vladimir Putin to the Presidency.

I remember well Putin’s reaction on the Collapse of the Soviet Union and I was ready for a deadly act of reciprocity from him. In his annual state of the nation address Vladimir Putin told Russia that the collapse of the Soviet empire “was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century.” Putin: ”Soviet collapse is a ‘genuine tragedy.” Knowing his arrogance and impudence, I had expected a deadly revenge, but I never imagined his fatal plot against the American Constitutional republic. It didn’t started in the 21st century with the Trump/Dossier, it was a continuation of a deliberate series of lies to mislead the American public to help Democrats prevent Trump’s victory. Putin’s major agenda was to defeat Trump and he has used collaboration with the Dems inherited from Stalin and Andropov.

To better comprehend Andropov’s design, I gave you a term Socialist Charlatans—the Democrats, who use Socialist/Communist modus operandi. This modus operandi has been used despite of the Collapse of the Soviet Union by the KGB’s Mafia-Army globally to deceive and mislead you in America, just listen to Bernie Sanders, Al Sharpton or Chicago’s Mayor undermine our democracy and moral values. It is they who propagated the racist atmosphere in our society, especially in our educational system. Socialist Charlatans are helping Putin to take down America the Beautiful…

The day Putin became a Prime Minister in the 1990s, he revived the traditions of his devoted disciples Stalin and Andropov by continuing the war against the West, sponsoring and militarizing: Iran, Venezuela, and Syria, Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorists, including a Palestinian Jihad against Western civilization in the Middle East. Just look at Socialist Charlatans around the world: they have the same agenda: targeting and assaulting Jews simultaneously in Gaza, Los Angeles, and New York City, and… in our Congress by the “Squad,” calling Israel an apartheid state—it is Socialist hatred with big lies and distortion. Had you read my columns, you would know that we are witnessing the Andropov’s Legacy in 2021.

The Middle East and Russia

History is the Mother of all sciences and it obliged me to remind you the name of Yasser Arafat and his so-called Palestinian Liberation Organization PLO. He was recruited by the KGB in 1957 and began a permanent revolution in the Middle East. Putin has continued implementing Stalin’s design to make Iran a master of the Middle East. Pay attention to the current Biden/Harris administration desire to go back to Putin/Obama’s conspiracy with the Iran-Deal. Iran is not only a Hostile Regime, the country itself and its leadership have been militarized by Russia beginning with Andropov’s revolutions in the Middle East 1979. It has been continued by Putin, and has resulted in the current war between Israel and Palestinian Authority, when Hamas, a Russian/Iranian proxy launched four thousand missiles against Israeli civilians. Charter agenda of Hamas is to genocide Jews of the world. Nazis had the similar agenda…

Now, I need to present the Fareed Zachariah Show, CNN, who interviewed Rashid Khalid and Martin Indyk, May 16. 21. Both men are Democrats and though they promised to present the history of the Middle East, they limited themselves to dredge up current Palestinian lies. The issue of the Middle East can’t be resolved without knowledge of Russia and its Intel. One example can give you a unique substance and depth of the matter: Introduced by Yasser Arafat, Mahmoud Abbas is a Palestinian President elected to four years, but he is now keeping presidency for seventeen years. He is a trained Socialist Charlatan a graduate at the Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, where he earned a Candidate of Sciences degree (the Soviet equivalent of a PhD). As a Holocaust denier, his 1982 dissertation, published as “The Other Side: the Secret Relationship between Nazism and Zionism.”

The Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas was a student of Yuri Andropov, the KGB Chairman 1967-1982, well known to me. Andropov’s design of simultaneously infiltrate the media and the Intel apparatus is fully described in my columns… Americans should read about that design to learn about Russia. There won’t be any peaceful solution of the Middle East confrontation until the sinister role of Russia and her Intel that have played for years “to divide and conquer,” provoke, and manipulate would be exposed. Let alone the establishment by Russia of the terrorist gangs in the area… I am repeating for many years and repeating again: Knowledge of Russia and her Intel is a Must to bring peace and global tranquility to the human beings of the world…

Biden and the KGB’s Mafia-Army

If you know Socialist/Communist modus operandi, you can easily meet it in America today. Our media produces a bucket of naked lies and deceits from Socialist Charlatans. We are watching every day an invasion of the illegal nationals from different countries along the Southern border, but the administration told us that “border is closed,” calling illegals ‘refugees’, which is a fraud and Biden’s Border crossings in 2021 are very high. I am a political refugee—current illegal nationals are not refugees! What do you think, who organized that invasion with thousands of children coming to the border? The answer to many questions is in my column: From Uncle Joe # 1 to Uncle Joe # 2, drrichswier.com/author/spipko/ March 8, 2021. Read it attentively to grasp the essence of the KGB’s Mafia-Army acting globally.

Today Cyberattacks threaten our national security, yet, Biden said that Hackers were based out of Russia, giving Putin a pass. He is creating problems instead of solving them at a time when a criminal cabal of Russian/Chinese Socialist Charlatans has come out from underground and are openly fighting our unique Constitutional republic designed by our Founding Fathers. Biden creates a slow-motion-disaster machine. Besides, we are under the constant attacks on our infrastructure from Moscow and Beijing. Here is a part of the recent events in the world.

“It was under Biden that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline work continued.  It was under Biden that the preparations for the seizure of Taiwan by China entered the final phase. Under Biden, China’s seizure of the South China Sea, suspended by Trump, is close to completion.  Under Biden, both Russia and China decided on something that was simply unthinkable under Trump — they forced preparations for open aggression against neighbors.” The Beasts Smell Blood by Gary Gindler, American Thinker, May 15, 2021

The state of American national security is in dire straits. I will give you two examples to grasp the threat: You are well familiar with a Mayor Pete, he is lecturing us in religion and morality. He is following his father, who was lecturing Marxian-Leninism in Russia, and had ties with the KGB. He brought up his son accordingly. Yet, the FBI allowed Mayor Pete to run for the U.S. presidency among other six candidates sponsored by the KGB. Mayor Pete is the Secretary of Transportation in the Biden administration today and there are some others like him on Biden’s staff from Obama’s team. They are running America in 2021…

Another example: Don’t be surprised by Biden’s policy favoring Russia. Somewhere in 2013-2014 we saw several pictures of the trio: Obama, Joe and Hunter Biden. What does Obama have in common with Hunter Biden? What did they discuss? It was that time when Obama made Joe Biden a point man in Ukraine. Perhaps, they discussed Ukraine, because the American Embassy had helped Hunter in Kiev to find a Russian asset, a Ukrainian oligarch connected to Russia. As a matter of fact, without Ukraine, Putin can’t have again a Russian Empire. Read my columns about Biden and Ukraine.

Biden was helping Putin to suffocate young Ukrainian democratic forces, fighting Russian Socialist Charlatans in Ukraine. Joe Biden is again helping Putin. Maybe now you better understand my columns about A Global Spy Ring? By the way, a Globalist Putin is planning to unite American Presidency with the English Royal House to have a total global control and power. Don’t be surprised by the recent bombshells involving members of the English Royal House. Nobody can escape the KGB’s “attention.” The FBI must learn fast Putin’s Russia, her Intel and Socialist modus operandi to defeat Socialist Revolution in America…

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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  1. Macromental
    Macromental says:

    It is not Russia, but China that is the real threat. The CCP stole the election, but still everyone focuses and obsesses over Russia, Russia, Russia.


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