Biden and the G7!

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” – Albert Einstein

In what will be probably the most useless and pathetic G7 meeting in beautiful Cornwall we are going to watch a ballet of carefully coordinated public appearances by our mentally challenged and pitiful so called President, otherwise known as Sniffer Joe as he sure likes sniffing little girls hair!! Anyway, I digress. In just over 4 months in office, an office stolen by the Democrats, we have seen a massive wholesale destruction of the United States and the New Socialist Democrat Party has been leading the charge. The Republicans have been pretty much silent apart from a few. Yes, the swamp runs deep in red and blue.

As Sniffer Joe’s Agenda finally appears to be stalling both here and abroad, he I am sure, is expecting to be taken seriously at the G7. Trust me, those other leaders will be like frenzied sharks in blood infested water ensuring they get every compromise and free dollar they can from this very weak Administration. They likely will.

Oh yes, the press Corp will ensure to attempt to make him look like a senior statesman, to the extent of probably even lying about him. Sure, his gaffes will not be overplayed and his stupidity will be hidden as the others act like a bunch of hyenas trying to get each and every last morsel of meat off the bone!!

I bet Sniffer joe has all sorts of tax money from our seemingly bottomless pits to throw away like the sand fairy. After all, there are important things to do there like open the skies! You know, begin travel again for us ordinary stiffs and not just politicians!

However, he will be the proverbial toothless British Bulldog as I guarantee nothing firm will come out of this meeting.

The UK/N. Ireland border tariffs and goods movement problems will continue especially as we get into the marching season despite admonishing statements from Sniffer Joe who thinks the UK will bow to him. Not going to happen.

The skies will not reopen anytime soon. The billions lost weekly due to this stupidity which saw the loss of approximately 10,000,000 plus travelers going across the Atlantic with their corresponding spending will continue. Oh yes, they will get a commission together to work on it. More jobs for the boys club!

America. We are a nation without teeth, intent on weakening our international status more daily. While America burns Sniffer Joe will be fiddling and acting like a fool. The world will snigger quietly, some more openly, as he fumbles his way through this G7 meeting. Every movement, every action and every word of his will be choreographed and practiced to try minimize the gaffes he will surely drop. His handlers and the friendly MSM will do their best to make him look stately and wise.

We and the world know better. He is incompetent. He can and has been bought. He is mentally incompetent to be meeting with the likes of the other G7 leaders. He is out of his depth as he has been his whole useless political career.

©Fred Brownhill. All rights reserved.

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