Biden Is In Bed With Russia!

“Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.” – Theodore Roosevelt.

The sad reality of life is that despite the tuff boy rhetoric and talk coming out of our mentally challenged usurper President/Emperor Sniffer Joe Biden’s mouth, Russia has our number. In fact all our enemies have our number. China, North Korea, Russia, Iran to name but a few. They know now that since President Trump had his second term victory stolen through a massive fraudulent election, that we are once again, as we were under Barrack Hussein Obama, weak and pitiful and all we are good for is weakening ourselves and handing out billions of dollars of tax payer money to our enemies and their partners. Of course, there has to be more than a little money changing hands corruptly or they wouldn’t be Democrats. How else could Biden have so many multi million dollar homes?

In theory our two nations relationships are at rock bottom. Neither country has an ambassador present. Senior Russian officials are under American sanctions for everything from election tampering to the Ukraine annexation. We even have two US Marines sitting in a Russian prison for espionage. Don’t forget in March that ole Joe called Putin a killer!! I am sure he didn’t know what he was saying!!

Our two nations relationships may be seemingly at rock bottom but we are being played like a Stradivarius violin. They wouldn’t have even got away with this under President Trump. Biden and his extremists in the administration are giving everything away in a quick low price selling sale.

Let’s look at our energy policy now as opposed to under President Trump. Just 6 short months ago we were energy independent and a huge exporter of gas/oil. Pipelines were being built. Refineries opened. New exploration and drilling permits issued. States with an oil economy boomed. Jobs were plentiful and well paid. Wealth was being created for everyone regardless of color or creed.

Now under Biden, ( or truthfully Traitor Barrack Hussein Obama ) we have seen a massive reversal of our fortunes. Cheap pump prices have given way to a huge, seemingly never ending price hike spiral. Pipelines are shut down. Exploratory and drilling permits stopped. The never ending upward movement of oil pricing is having a dramatic influence on inflation as fuel feeds the economy, the trucks, trains, boats and all vehicles. As prices of oil rise so do delivery costs and those are passed on to all of us as we pay more for everything we buy. Jobs are not being filled. Our economy is in turmoil. Our porous borders a crime haven. Our major cities riddled with crime and riots. Everything is either racist or not woke. America is in serious trouble.

However, all is not doom and gloom everywhere in the world. Vladimir Putin, the strong man of Russia ( former KGB leader ) and the Russian oil industry are really excited and so happy and dare I say -rich!!!! The Russian economy is oil based and doing great thank you Joe!! Guess what they are spending all those extra petrodollars on? Yes!!! Strengthening and modernizing their military!! Supplying more modern weapons abroad to our enemies in Syria and Iran to use one day against our military as well as the Israelis!


As we become less dominant and more irrelevant Russia is ready and able to fill the vacuum left by a once strong America.

Each and every single Biden energy policy adapted has been detrimental to us but has created jobs, prosperity and world wide global influence for Russia. Biden’s energy policy actions have been a blessing for Russia. I mean, while Biden stopped our very own Keystone pipeline from being completed, he was totally happy allowing Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline to be completed. Through this pipeline Russia will sell and send natural gas to Germany. This alone will create a dependency of Germany on Russian energy production.

I guess the stringent climate change policies being implemented here in the states on energy production and everything else is conflicting with Russia’s need for global power and global influence. No problem or conflict of interest there with Joe!!

We can suffer as long as the Commies are ok huh Joe? As long as they have jobs and money, power and influence, they can pollute to their hearts content. It’s just America and Americans that must pay the price for the world. That would be certain Americans. Just not the upper echelon.

Did any of you know that in a short 6 months we are now importing Russian oil in ever increasing amounts as our own production is constantly cut along with the money, jobs and stability we once had. In March alone we were importing upwards of 750,000 barrels a day! Yes, a day. You read that right. Russia is now the number 3 importer of oil to the United States! Our own production has been cut by – wait for it- 1.715 million barrels.

Under President Trump we were self sufficient for oil and fuel. We actually competed with Saudi Arabia and Russia to be the largest exporter of oil.

Now under the official “Make America Weak Again” policy of these socialists in power here, we are retreating from that competition in the name of – Yep! You got it! Climate Change!! The Biden’s goals of carbon goals are totally unrealistic and impossible to achieve.

Russia is not going to stop investing in oil production and will continue to grow their share of our market until we become dependent on our enemies for energy. Then, they could turn off the faucet and we would be in serious trouble. Remember the oil crisis of the 70’s?

Our national security is very much at risk here but that is irrelevant to the domestic enemy within, namely the New Socialist Democrat Party. They are obsessed with our destruction and catering to the extremist element in their party.

Oh sure, crazy ole Joe Biden can huff and he can puff but he will not blow down the Russian oil industry or Russia. Heck, he probably won’t remember huffing or puffing!!

They, Russia, will just disinvest in dollar based holdings to our detriment, and they will invest that money in Chinese, Euro and gold assets. From all accounts there is now a readily available $119B worth of Russian held dollar based assets. That number is rising daily so as Biden threatens sanctions they will just move that money and will not feel the bite.

Only one winner here America!

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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