Disney Continues to Prioritize Left-Wing Culture, Anti-Free Speech Legislation

Lifelong family-oriented supporters of the Walt Disney Company will be sad to learn that Disney is no ally to traditional social values.  2ndVote currently scores the Walt Disney Company at a measly 1.67 — and we’re not optimistic about that score improving in light of the company’s brainwashing of little children with an episode of their famed Muppet Babies television show promoting gender confusion.

There are several problems with Disney’s decision. First, biologically, there are just two sexes. Second, Disney should focus on wholesome entertainment, not overtly political social activism. Third, Disney has actively engaged on the issue of gender identity in a way which attempted to restrict the rights of millions of Americans.

We’ve been tracking Disney’s actions against traditional American values for years. In 2016, the company stood against North Carolina bill HB2, claiming that allowing business owners to choose their own bathroom policies was bigotry. Disney canceled events, costing local business owners a lot of money. More recently, Disney endorsed the Equality Act – a bill that has nothing to do with equality, and everything to do with pushing a very specific cultural agenda. Religious organizations would be under threat because of the Equality Act – a clear violation of Basic Freedoms found in the First Amendment.

When Disney puts its financial resources behind movements that seek to compel anti-American values, Americans suffer.  These movements are potentially harmful to everything from freedom of speech to religious liberty.  The next time you’re looking to enjoy some family-style entertainment, consider an alternative to Disney which won’t play against your traditional values.

The trick to the entertainment industry is that Hollywood Studios (owned by Disney), Universal Pictures (1.00), Netflix (2.29), and other top entities also rank poorly on the 2ndVote scale. They simply don’t support America’s constitutional and human freedoms of religion, speech, firearms, etc. Therefore, we encourage you to support regional theme parks like Kentucky Kingdom (3.00) and Six Flags (3.00) instead. As for digital entertainment, organizations like PureFlix (3.73) have the kind of wholesome, fun entertainment that Disney used to prioritize. We urge you to spend your hard-earned money with those organizations, and contact Disney and urge them to return to entertainment, not left-wing politics.

EDITORS NOTE: This 2nd Vote column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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