A Quick Crash of Afghanistan and The Man Who Wants to Run the World

When Vladimir Putin become President of the Russian Federation some twenty years ago, I had warned you about Putin’s desire to be President of the World. Knowing Putin, I also cautioned you that his war against Western civilization and American capitalism will intensify. Moreover, I predicted in 2018-2019 that the 2020 election will be the Rubicon for Putin to achieve his agenda. Today, I can report that several countries on different continents, including America are being run by Vladimir Putin. He has achieved his task by giving America a senile President and chaos in 2020. My warnings had not been heard and now we find ourselves in a human catastrophe globally with a crack in NATO Alliance as well…

Laura Logan is a knowledgeable individual. She reports about Pakistan as a major country helping the Taliban to reemerge.  She is right, but only partially. The major force behind the Taliban is Russia and her Intel apparatus. History is the Mother of all sciences. In this case the geography is equally important. I have been writing about both for the last thirty-five years to prevent current tragic events and save the American Constitutional republic, because Putin’s major target is the political system designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. To understand why and how a demented Joe Biden installed the Taliban Government, provide it with precious and advanced American military ammunition, and surrender Americans to the Taliban you must know Russia and her Intel.

The Demography: a Key to Afghanistan Disaster

Afghanistan has 12 demographic groups, half of them are on the border with the former Soviet Union. Consult a map and see. There are the six Former Soviet Muslim Republics on the border with Afghanistan and there is a demographic unity of the language and religion between them and Afghanistan. The Taliban Government consists of 12 tribal leaders and their representatives, warlords, terrorists, thugs, and criminals: all of them went through KGB training. That was an exact reason for me to write about the Russian Security apparatus for thirty-five years and substitute the name of all the agencies with the term the KGB. As a matter of fact, Stalin had designed the Soviet system with a certain order–all international dealings must be supervised by the KGB. For detail please, read my column Threat to Our Freedoms and National Security, August 16. 2021.

The Operational Design to Withdrawal from Afghanistan

For your information all members of NATO have evacuated their citizens during the summer from Afghanistan, while America has been dealing with Tajikistan. It is a double mistake—that means that you are dealing with Russia and the Afghan war will never end. Biden presented serious and misleading statements during the first days of crises. I was threatened when Biden said that there is no national interest in Afghanistan and “there is constant contact with the Taliban.” Kabul is a single point of treason that reflects twenty years of incompetent and erroneous policy. To save time, I’ll analyze only one issue to show you the real Russian operation in Afghanistan through Biden.

The cable from the American Embassy in Kabul has warned about rising Taliban presence throughout Afghanistan on July 13. That meant, they were getting the warning signals from May and possibly April. The Biden government had at least a couple of months to design an orderly withdrawal from Kabul and Afghanistan. The plan of orderly exit wasn’t designed in D.C. and actually didn’t exist. The plan of disorderly withdrawal was designed in Moscow’s Kremlin and sent to Biden’s staff, several members of which are the KGB agents. The other members of his staff belong to Obama’s holdovers and the Deep State, which is the same.

The demented Biden was drilled on Putin’s disorderly withdrawn to implement it. He did. The Biden State Department or Military leadership had never constructed their own plan of orderly retreats. I am not sure they knew that Al-Qaeda and ISIS are still in Afghanistan. Just analyze the result of the Moscow plan by few first days of withdrawn:

First: The task to create American hostages in Afghanistan is already done and there is no rapid way to solve a problem. The Baghram air base was closed on July 2. 2021—there is no other American air base in Afghanistan. Pay attention to the date of the closure—it happened even before the cable from the American Embassy. It could be done only by Biden as the Commander in Chief. It has been done the same way through his staff…

The Baghram air base had also a CIA team. That team could’ve found all Americans in Afghanistan very fast and helped them… But the base had been closed on July 2. 2021. A Commander in Afghanistan correctly said: “We need a Berlin-bridge mission in Afghanistan”. He is the only military man who grasps the tragic reality of Biden’s Presidency. To grasp the level of disaster, listen to this: Desperate Afghan women have tossed their babies over razor-wire fences at Kabul’s airport, leaving witnesses in the British military emotionally traumatized, U.K. troops told reporters Thursday, according to Breitbart.

Second: The second point is inextricably connected to the first one. The other major task of the Moscow disorder plan was the creation of an International crises to humiliate us to mock the American moral face before the world, our credibility, and disrupt NATO. It has been done by tragic airport humanitarian disaster in Kabul. Please, remember: Biden has the same staff since 2013-2014, when he attempted to suffocate the young Ukrainian democracy, helping Putin. Biden wasn’t senile at the time. I was reporting you about the events in Ukraine in my several columns at the time… Here is the disturbing summary of the war in Afghanistan:

Twenty years later, the world is again focusing on Afghanistan and our incredible loss. After spending $273 million per day for over 7,200 days, and losing more than two American soldiers per week for 1,036 weeks. “This nation’s train wreck of a withdrawal—a smashup of betrayal, falseness, weakness, capitulation and futility that the whole world can see—is another epoch-defining event… “

Vladimir Putin: Threat to Humanity

Although it is painful to read, the Afghan events gave me an additional impulse to research and open up a global can of worms. I’ve been writing about a Global Spy Ring run by Putin for the last 20-25 years. You can find several of my columns with this title. I recognized the Soviet Style lies, deception, and fraud many years ago, but Biden’s team added to that typical Soviet propaganda, slogans and symbols. Look at the picture-image of Biden, sitting alone in a big office in a pose of the Thinker by Rodin … This bronze sculpture represents the creative mind at work. This is the Stalinist propaganda methods creating a cult of Biden’s personality. What a fake! A typical fake of the KGB: to prize a senile Biden with creative mind!

At the same time according to the South China Morning Post, the Russian and Chinese embassies have no plans to leave Afghanistan, and both countries plan to keep their embassy staff in place. Moreover, prior to the crash of Afghanistan more than 10,000 soldiers from Russia and China kicked off large-scale joint military exercises in north-central China on August 9, in the latest indication of deepening ties between the two Asian giants. The war games, called “Sibu/Interaction-2021,” ran until August 13 and involved both ground troops and combat aircraft.

All of that while America experiences a crash in Afghanistan and a crash along the Southern border, which is practically open for terrorists and spies of all races and nationalities for six months. I explain it by Americas’ very short memory, they don’t remember Abraham Lincoln’s words that we can be defeated only from within. Everybody sees and understands that China wants to defeat the US military, it is not a secret. Yet, nobody knows about a deep infiltration of the Russian Intel into the leadership of the Democrat Party, all strata of our society, and the government…

The modern subversion of the Democrat Party began with Bill Clinton in the 20th century, described in my books and columns. The unawareness of that has polluted the Republican Party. The beginning of incompetence and mismanagement started with General Michael Hayden, former Director of CIA & NSA. He and George W. Bush saw Putin’s soul in his eyes. They had allowed the second American Manchurian President Barack Husain Obama to run without being exposed to his ties to socialist movement. Nobody revealed his treasonous deal with Russia in the Bergdahl exchange. As we know now the released Gitmo detainee is a Taliban leader. Please read my columns Time is Blood and Money: The Soviet Mafia June 12, 2014 and Soviet Fascism in the 21st Century: The Enemies Within, October 26, 2015

History is the Mother of all sciences: the depth of Russian infiltration into our midst is enormous and we are not aware of that, because we don’t know the enemy. The recent events have opened up the treasonous behavior of the entire anti-Trump criminal cabal that I have written about for several years. Knowing Vladimir Putin, I knew that he was also a part of anti-American campaign to promote the Democrat Party and Socialist revolution against the American Constitutional republic designed and left to us by our Founding Fathers. Today it is not a debacle of the American republic, but a debacle of the Democrat Party for the Treason their leadership had committed during the last decades.

Knowing Putin, I warned you to pay attention to the Deep State and its grand plans to try and take out Trump and wipe out conservatives who oppose them. Please, read my books and columns about Stalinism. It has come to America—everything is politicized. Remember: Stalin had married the Communist ideology with Islam. The events in Afghanistan and the role Russia played there against the US should horrify you. The only remedy is knowledge of the enemy. American people can handle the truth and I hope they will read this column to learn the Truth and act accordingly…

My fellow Americans!

It’s now or never!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued www.simonapipko@gmail.com  and at www. drrichswier.com/author/spipko/.

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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    Michael O'Block says:

    Dear Simona, I want to thank you for your hard work and your expertise of Vladimir Putin to sound the alarm for Americans to wake up to the threat to America from Vladimir Putin and what he has planned for the USA and the world.


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