Time is Blood and Money: The Soviet Mafia

Time is the substance of eternity, beyond human power. Time like a gravity–you can’t escape it.  Yet it is a catalyst for the wise, efficient, and successful homo sapience to use it. Time is the indefinite continued process of existence the events in the past, present, and future.Time plus human intelligence is the driving force of the progress in civilization. And of course, time and knowledge are inextricably intertwined. The recent international predicament  confirms misunderstanding of both  and the global quandary forces me to remind you about the TIME, as a monumental factor in our lives.

In my time, there were two American Presidents who grasped the significance of time: John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. The former brought the United States into the space, the latter destroyed our number one enemy – the Soviet Union. Both Presidents made our country successful, improved the human lives of millions in the world, and confirmed our exceptionallism, achieved by the free people. President Reagan has identified the main factor -Time: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s, children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Moreover, without knowledge not a lot could have been accomplished by President Reagan. He and his administration had a sense of the time, being enough educated to know the enemy. The phenomenon of an inextricable connection of the Time and Knowledge help them to identify our enemy. In the light of our numerous recent scandals, I have to acknowledge the absence of both within the current administration. Hence willingly or unwillingly the President and his administration are avoiding to identify our number one enemy and playing game with the people of America and the world…  The American saying “Time is Money” was a correct one in the past. I have changed it and introduced a new one:Time is Blood and Money. The concept had been presented in detailed description in the Chapter 11, What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2012.

On April 23, 2014, the White House has received a Petition to include Russia in the list of the terrorist countries as a Sponsor of International Terrorism. During one month  the Petition was signed by more that one hundred thousand people.  I have been writing about Russia as a Sponsor of International Terrorism since 1984; it means during the last thirty years. Others were warning about Russia since the 1950sthousands have been killed since. . That is the reason I have changed the old saying Time is Money to Time is Blood and Money. Furthermore, I purposely gave you a preceding article about Arafat and the KGB to show you the root cause of a lot of blood shed around the world.

The term Time is Blood and Money is valid today as ever, and I am continuing warning you. The sub-title of the article The Soviet Mafia is a catalyst of the time in the sea of global blood, but this new term  doesn’t belong to me. We, Russian immigrants, found out it by reading Arkady Vaksberg’s book The Soviet Mafia,  St. Martin’s Press 1991. Vaksberg is my colleague, a celebrated defense attorney and journalist in Moscow. There are profound and  distinct differences between the ethnic mafia and a political one. The Russian or Italian mafias are the pockets of criminals within the state. The political mafia is a regime of the government that running the entire state by using organized crime and its tactics.  Vaksberg’s book represents a profound historical research of the Soviet politics during several decades and gives us a perspective for the world’s dangerous future.

There are three main concepts in the book. First, the Evil Empire may be dead, but not the evil that drove it—the Soviet mafia.  Second, the book gives us a new definition of political forces and their leaders previously known as the Communists, the KGB, and the Soviets.  Vaksberg redefines those old terms with a new collective identity: the Soviet mafia, the nucleus of organized crime.  Third, the Soviet mafia is a multinational political force with no limit to any ethnicity, religion, or race.  All former Soviet republics, currently so-called independent states, have different cultures, religions, and speak different languages. Nevertheless, Vaksberg defines all their governments as the Soviet mafia—the thugs have no ethnic identity; they all speak Russian and belong to the same criminal clan.  It is enough to read the first two chapters to grasp close ties of the top Soviet officials with organized crime, plotting against Khrushchev in the early 1960s.  This connection explains the title The Soviet Mafia.

Vaksberg identifies an ideological remake of the Soviet mafia chronologically. To him Leninism/Alienist established a regime of political tyranny.  Khrushchev had softened that regime into its new shape.  Brezhnev, yearning nostalgically for the days of Stalin, completed this process, finding support for political gangsters in an economic mafia, knitting both strands closely together.  He concludes that “power and criminality mingled, the rulers of the country became . . . quite literally criminals.”

A conclusion made by Vaksberg in 1991 means one definite fact–Russia runs by the MOBSTERS. Yes, if you read the book, you will be horrified by the brutality of the  Soviet mafia’s regime, the methods of gangsterism, countless murders it uses for taking over or keeping the power, and a pervasive black market undermining county’s economy.  Regrettably the book is a difficult read: it is riddled with Russian names hard for the foreigner to pronounce and remember. I have reviewed the book in The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, Xlibris, 2006.

There is no need to explain two first points of the Vaksberg’s book, listing the  elements of the Soviet mafia: the Soviets and the Communists are known to the people, both had been sharing the same ideology of fighting Western civilization. The KGB is also an integral part of the Soviet mafia, I would say the major one and the title of the book could have been The KGB Mafia as well. The history of the KGB was presented in the Chapter 4, What is Happening to America? Xlibris, 2012. Please, read it.

The preceding article The Strange New Leaders, has showed the war in the Middle East and the tied connection between the KGB and Arafat. And this is the crux of the matter–an unquestionable leadership of the KGB in a global war. I called this war-WWIII. Established by the Socialist Revolution in 1917, the KGB mighty apparatus had been developed during Stalin’s reign for thirty some years and had become the leader of the bureaucratic machinery of the police state. Stalin armed the agency with the ideological foundation a platform and a banner under which all crimes were committed. Its moral corruption started with  the constant changing of the name to cover-up the crimes committed .The cover-ups have become the major tool of the KGB since.

Vaksber wrote his book in 1991, yet to assess the contemporary predicament in the world, there is the third point you should pay close attention:  ”Third, the Soviet mafia is a multinational political force with no limit to any ethnicity, religion, or race. “ Vaksberg is warning you for the possibility of multiplying this force globally.  Completing his book in 1991, Vaksberg asked: “Is there any hope that a serious blow can be delivered at the main mafia centers?  Hardly.  Who would now be interested in that, when . . . republics are torn asunder by very different conflicts, which could lead to global political changes with all the consequences thereof?  Thus it is perhaps not far from the truth to suggest that the reawakening of nationalist feeling with its deep historic roots and potential for international overspill may in effect save the Soviet mafia and all those ”dear comrades” in its leadership, because public attention is diverted to those very difficult nationality problems.” (p. 230)

What Vaksberg predicted, has happened: the Soviet mafia had been saved, and  international over-spill occurred. The question is how did it happen? The answer is by many different means, tools, and devices developed for the years of Stalinism: military force, intelligence using deception, fraud, sabotage, cover-ups, and espionage with a global reach. Much time has past. The term the Soviet mafia has been revealed twenty three years ago. Have you ever heard a discussion addressing the existing of the Soviet mafia by the media? I haven’t.  What about objective analysis of the Russian KGB government which has been running the country since 2000. Do you know the agenda of its foreign policy? No.  Have you heard about WWIII? You are witnessing it now…

I have deliberately brought a discussion of The Soviet Mafia. The American foreign policy has been lacking  knowledge of this international force for the last twenty or so years and we all are witnessing a detrimental result in our country and the world.  As a matter of fact, nothing has changed in the contemporary Russia–the KGB government runs the county the way Stalin had done it seventy years ago, the same people, the same mentality, the same agenda with Stalin’s strategic tactics and tricks. Putin is Stalin’s heir, he knows that Socialism doesn’t work and implemented a Crony Capitalism with its institutional corruption. The objectives are the same–a war against Western civilization…

Nevertheless, our incompetent and irresponsible Democrats are engaging in a constant appeasement of the Russian KGB government, arranging reset, asking for the space, and promising “flexibility.” Instead of isolating Russia or disengaged with it, we are witnessing the opposite.  The ignorant left has missed at least twenty three years to be aware of the existing enemy and be prepared for fighting it in the future…. In the last sentence of the Introduction to The Russian Factor I wrote in 2004: “By ignoring or appeasing that force, we enable the criminals to perpetrate more destruction and cause more deaths on our planet.”  Unfortunately all my predictions for the world came true, especially in America during the last six years–the criminals used the Time “productively,”they wage WWIII–the annexation of Crimea indeed confirms that …

Look at the March-May 2014, saturated with the negative, strange events in the world and America after Russia occupied Crimea;  the mysterious Malaysia flight 370, the endless school shootings, and finally the crush of the plane that killed among many others Lewis Katz, a co-owner of Philadelphia Inquire who had some information exposing the criminals… Those who know the Soviet mafia will recognize immediately the familiar handwriting on the wall:  All of that was an attempt to divert public attention from the Russian aggression in Crimea, than  later, the usual cove-up…

The world have already witnessed the Soviet mafia in action. Have you seen the masked green men, with machine guns and without insignia in Ukraine? They were crushing with brutal intensity urns for the ballots during the presidential election in Ukraine on May 25, 2014.  They are pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk and Lughansk, among them the Chechen terrorists –all of them are the Soviet mafia in action… The new Ukrainian government has announced an Anti-Terrorist operation against pro-Russian separatists. As a matter of fact–Ukraine knows the Soviet mafia and terrorism…

Those who saw the video from Ukraine could be puzzled by a striking similarity in the behavior of  pro-Russian separatists and Jihadists of Radical Islam around the world. It is not accidental–the Soviet mafia is a monolithic threat to the entire world…

Those who know the Soviet mafia understand that all recent scandals in America have derived from the same root cause, and  LTC Don O’Nesky, US Air Force (Ret.) is correct writing the following:

Seems The Government Does Run Crime: VA, IRS, NSA, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, Etc., Etc.

President Obama repeatedly claims to know nothing about scandals, blames others for problems. I would surprise you by my conclusion: Maybe for the first time in his life, Obama tells the truth. He does not run America–the Soviet mafia does, aiming at bankrupting our country and discredit capitalism… The release of the five extremely dangerous Taliban’s leaders testified to that and there is  a lot of more going on behind the scene connecting to Russia. All five terrorists will join their comrades on a battlefield. I can guarantee it, because I know the Soviet mafia and its agenda in Afghanistan….

To be continued  www.simonapipko1.com.

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