Ashli Babbitt Was Murdered by the Capitol Police

In the wake of the January 6th event at the US Capitol, I want everyone to be clear on where I stand.

First I am former military and retired LEO so I am NOT anti cop or Law Enforcement in any way. However I like justice. It is the corner stone of our Constitutional Republic.

With all the cases in the last 13 years since that treasonous Hussein Obama ratcheted up the evil rhetoric on racial hatred and supposed racism of white police officers against people of color, this story line has only gone in one direction. White police shootings/uses of force on black citizens or those of color and minorities. The white supremacy and white supremists were apparently prevalent in every force in every state of the union and it ran rampant. What a cold faced lie.

Now, my experience after 18 years in law enforcement was that I never witnessed any race issues from white officers against anyone. Nobody put on the uniform and strapped his or her duty belt on with the intention of beating up or killing some human being of color. However, racism from black officers towards their white brothers in uniform and people they came in contact with, were definitely far more obvious. Not everywhere but certainly noticeable. At times almost intolerable but somehow they always got away with it as there seems to be a thought pattern among senior officers that only white people can be racist. They were too scared to run any complaints from white officers against black officers up the chain of command. I know this from personal experience where a blatant act of racism was committed against me with obvious unfounded lies, but it went nowhere however I was under the magnifying glass for a long time.

The one case that bothers me is the murder – yes, murder of Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, white, blond, slight of build, ( 5’8”and under 140lbs ) airforce veteran ( Babbitt served two tours in Afghanistan and Iraq before later deployments with the National Guard to Kuwait and Qatar ) who was shot by a so-called and for a long time unidentifiable Capitol Police Officer. This lady did not present a clear or present threat to the lives of supposedly well trained and armed police officers. Those who are armed with and trained in the use of less lethal force and weaponry like tasers etc. Those trained in defensive tactics that should have enabled the shooter to take her to the ground. Those officers with bullet proof armor or at least stab proof armor shouldn’t have been in fear of their lives from this small unarmed lady.

For you all here is the name of the Black Capitol Police Officer that murdered Ashli Babbitt.

Lt. Michael L. Byrd.

I gave it to you shortly after January 6th. I want you all to remember it. He has since had interviews on “friendly to him” TV stations where he gives his opinion.

America. He is full of crap. I still say he had no reason to fire a lethal round. His opinion is not questioned by the investigators into the shooting. His opinion seems to be all that matters to the so called investigators. In my opinion he is in the same league as Broward County Deputy Scot Peterson who hid while 17 kids were killed by Nikolas Cruz in a school where he was a resource officer.

They are both cowards. Period. Both a total disgrace to the badge and the job. Both Oath Breakers.

Lt. Byrd is not a small man. Anything but. Powerfully built would appear to be an understatement. Certainly in comparison with the lady he shot due to his being in fear of his life or some other ridiculous thing.

He shot and killed Ashli for no good reason. Maybe he was scared! If so he is in the wrong job and most certainly the wrong rank.

After a top secret review he has been fully exonerated in the shooting death of Ashli. His name was supposed to be kept secret. Not from me. I gave it to you within 48 hours of her murder. Was that because he was a black police officer shooting a white victim? We all know if the colors had been reversed the white officer’s personnel file, full name and home address would have been published within an hour or two of the shooting. He would have been found guilty by the court of public opinion orchestrated by the MSM long before the investigation.

Following the shooting, Byrd’s Internet footprint was scrubbed, including his social media and personal photos. Screw that. When a white officer is accused, tried and convicted in the court of public opinion within minutes after the event his name, address and those of his family, plus his service record is known by everyone. He or she becomes a target as do their homes and the safety of the families. No presumption of innocence is allowed to those officers. No due process. Nothing. Because of color. Racism pushed by the leftist democrats.

But they think covering up this bad shooting is acceptable.


America. It is not. It was in my mind a bad shoot right after it happened from an ill trained and/or cowardly police officer who probably should never have been a Lieutenant or commander of the House Chamber Section of the Capitol Police.

There seems to be one law for white police officers and conservatives and one for black police officers and libtard Democrats. When progressive woke radicals stormed into the state capitols of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Georgia none of them were shot. When left-wing protesters tried breaking down the door of the Supreme Court of the United States while Bret Kavanaugh was sworn in, no one was shot. No patriots at the Capitol building were armed, especially Ashli Babbitt.

Here is one example that could be ascertained of Lt. Michael L. Byrds police record. It is troubling. In 2019, Byrd was investigated for leaving his service weapon laying unattended in a Capitol bathroom. The firearm was Byrd’s service Glock 22, the same style weapon that was reportedly used to assassinate Ashli Babbitt. I guess he felt lighter after he relieved himself and didn’t notice the 34.39 oz weight of a fully loaded Glock 22. He apparently told his fellow officers nothing would happen to him and he was right. He was back at work within a few days. No punishment. No demotion. No loss of pay. Nothing. Like it never happened.

America. The Biden fix is in. Watch what happens, this murdering useless cowardly police lieutenant will probably be a captain soon or better. Maybe even skip a few ranks. Why not? He must be a liberal darling having shot and killed a white supremist Trump supporter!!

The doors are closed around him. No freedom of information requests on him are honored or the transcripts of the hearings into his negligence.

There you have it. Just plain speaking. My opinion. Hopefully all yours. There is no expiration on filing charges for murder so maybe, one say, a GOP controlled house may re- investigate this killing and charge Lt Byrd with murder. If guilty he must lose all benefits and pension rights. He should be doing time.

The mass hypocrisy in this case is wrong. It is not justice. It will never be justice until an impartial and independent investigation is carried out.

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