If You Love America Boycott The NFL

Thursday night saw the opening game for the NFL season. It was the Tampa Bay buccaneers versus the Cowboys. The game was sold out. The Bucs won. They are my local team but I cannot enjoy it or watch the WOKE NFL. I will not contribute one cent to any sports organization or to any over paid and spoilt thug player that helps push this evil agenda. I am pleading with you all to do the same and spread the word far and wide. I stopped watching the NFL after that racist idiot Colin Kaepernick knelt and disrespected our flag and our military. He is a sub human.

The NBC played the “Black National Anthem” before the game – HUH?? Who knew there was one? What country do you know that has a national anthem and then one that only applies to people of a certain color? Can you imagine if we wanted a white national anthem?

What the heck happened to the American National Anthem?

From Faux News:- The NBC broadcast played a video of Alicia Keys singing “Lift Every Voice and Sing” while the Florida A&M University Concert Choir joined in from Raymond James Stadium. Players from both teams stood in their respective end zones and locked arms to show unity ahead of the game. The NFL has said this will be a prominent part of games.

Not anything this still proud but worried American wants to watch or listen to let alone spend any money to do it.

Players now have permission from the league bosses to wear social justice decals on their helmets. You can bet the woke TV companies and media photographers will prominently show this. For all of the 2021 season. Teams will also be able to have “It Takes All of Us” and “End Racism” emblazoned in their end zones.

Really???? How about Blue Lives Matter or some pro military slogan?

I do not understand how any true American would spend hundreds of dollars to watch a game and buy official overpriced NFL merchandise while having the extreme left wing agenda pushed down their throats. The messages is not just blatant but subliminal and is a constant barrage on your senses and an attack on your beliefs.

Players can also freely choose from the following messages to display : “End Racism” Stop Hate” It Takes All of Us,” “Black Lives Matter,” “Inspire Change” and “Say Their Stories.” Socialism and extremism being pushed down your throats and you pay for it???

Again I have to ask why any true American would want to spend any time or any of their hard earned heavily taxed dollars on the NFL or any professional sport event with the exception of rodeo which is the last true patriotic all American and proud of it professional sport.

America, I understand everyone has been kept from doing the things they like to do but until we the people can get to the stage where we can give up some of the things we “like” that are totally destroying this Constitutional Republic and our Constitution, things will never change. The only way that we will have any effect to change this madness is when we hit them in the pocket, by boycotting the TV channels that promoted their stupidity and hatred , their advertisers, the retail stores where they sell their oft time Chinese made apparel, their magazines and any other thing that they benefit or profit from.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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  1. Douglas L Self
    Douglas L Self says:

    I don’t care to watch the NFL, or Negro Felons League, whatsoever. I have OTHER things to do with my autumn Sundays. I might even go to CHURCH, imagine that!

  2. Royal A Brown
    Royal A Brown says:

    I haven’t watched an NFL Game including Super Bowl in 4 years ever since they started insulting our Flag and all veterans who served honorably and their supporters.

    The NFL is in decline and I sincerely hope they eventually go away. Who needs them? The owners, players and coaches who support this nonsense have lost all respect of many former fans and now should lose even more fans.

    70% of NFL players are black but does anyone seriously think the NFL can continue to survive if this nonsense keeps up ? These prima dona players have not been “oppressed” by the police or the white population as they claim. Where else in the world could they earn the millions they make for playing a game other than the USA which they so freely insult by aligning with Marxist BLM ?.


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