Iran Could Have The Bomb Inside A Month!

“The Impossible is for the unwilling.” – John Keats

That mentally challenged and totally incompetent usurper and fool that resides in a dark basement room in the people’s house, alias the WH, has, since he stole the election, made this world a far more dangerous place to live. His practically non existent foreign policy, put together by treasonous extremists from the New Socialist Democrat Party, has ensured our national security has been greatly diminished. Whether it be the southern border or the Middle East or their economic policies, their stirring up of racial hatred and their destruction of our MSM which are now just a puppet mouthpiece of the state enforced soviet type policies, our security and that of the world is in peril.

No more obvious an example I can give is Iran. Under the strong leadership of President Trump, Iran was practically bought to their knees. Their economy was pretty much destroyed. However that is now reversed since the Biden Administration came into power – illegally. Iran, the worlds largest sponsor of world terrorism is having a great time now. They are stirring up trouble in Syria and in other parts of the Middle East, especially concentrated against Israel. They have created a huge bank with China who is aiding and abetting Iran. This makes Gen. Milleys treasonous action on promising China, while Trump was CIC, that he would warn China of any prospective attack on it by America, even worse. He is a disgrace. He needs to be relieved of his command, fired, arrested and sentenced. His pension needs to be taken away. He should have no further advantage or wealth gathering from the American tax payer. He is a total scumbag. Do not even mention his “righteous” drone attack that killed 9 innocent Afghan citizens including children.

Anyway, I digress. Back to Iran. Information has come out from Israel who seems to have the only correct intelligence gathering organization on this globe!

Iran has enriched its huge uranium supply to 60% purity. This is only a small hop, skip and a jump away from producing enough fuel for a single bomb. This could happen inside 30 days. They could produce enough within the following three months for two more bombs.

The IAEA has provided evidence that Iran has actually reached 63%. Now – remember that under the nuclear deal they were only allowed to enrich their uranium supply to 3.67%. A total disregard to the agreement they signed and not of importance to the Biden administration. Now, Iran needs a delivery system and rocket development was never banned in the agreement. Iran has banned IAEA inspectors from their facilities for months now, again a middle finger to the world. European countries and the USA are not censoring or censuring Iran for these blatant violations.

So what does all this mean? Well, since President Trump was illegally removed from office Iran has flexed its ever growing muscles and is creating a very real threat to Israel. Their aim is the destruction and removal of Israel and Israelis from the globe. Thanks to President Trump Israel has many friends in surrounding countries as opposed to the contempt they are shown by the Democrats. Those new allies do not want a nuclear armed Iran.

Israel is looking like they will need to make a very strategic and surgical series of strikes sooner rather than later. They need to destroy the nuclear facilities where the research and work on the enrichment of the uranium and the missiles technology development is taking place. They need to turn all those facilities into glass along with all the scientists and experts working there on those programs. A lot of those facilities are deep underground in extremely secure concrete bunkers, however, Israel, thanks to President Trump, has the military hardware to do the job.

I pray that under Prime Minister Bennett Israel will find the strength to do what they know will be condemned by the United States and the EU. For their continued peace and security and for the security of the rest of the region this needs to happen.

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