Time to Boycott. Start with CVS pharmacy!

America. It is time for we, the people, to start seriously boycotting these “Woke” companies. The list is huge. Coca Cola, Ben and Jerry, Target et al.

Here is one to start with if you are serious about stopping the madness. CVS! Here is all the info you need to notify them of your intention. (Tell them via phone and email you are not going to spend one cent in their stores again and will attempt to persuade all friends and family not to do so either.)

CVS Headquarters, Corporate Office and Phone Number

There are over 40,000 independently owned pharmacies in the states. I suggest you google it and begin moving your business to one that is locally owned by an independent pharmacist. For those of you using Publix Supermarkets – don’t! They are as woke as any other large corporation.

So – why the down on CVS? Let’s start with their “woke training” being forced upon all employees, new and old. What is woke training you ask? Here it is in a nutshell.

CVS employees are being asked to – wait for it – make “a personal commitment plan to mitigate bias.” Hmmmm…. What does that mean? What do they want employees to do with that? CVS employees receive online calls explaining that “Understanding your privileges and how to leverage them so we can support others is a key component in being an active ally.”

They call this stupidity “ Allyship!” This is explained as how they, the employees of this wine company, must advocate for other communities besides their own. ( This only applies to white employees! ). Employees are told that apart from being aware of their own identities ( whiteness ) they have to identify with the intersectional identities of others! Huh??

During the call employees ( directed at white employees ) are told they must produce a ‘personal commitment plan’ showing what specific plans they have to mitigate bias over the next 5 days, then 5 weeks and then 5 months!! Awesome!!

They are further told that committing to the aforementioned plan will help their personal growth and ensure that they continue down the path directed by CVS!

Then comes this beautiful order – sorry – suggestion! They must source diverse talent ( non white ) and prioritize and promote them. Senior staff at this point are told to choose one ethnic minority employee and to mentor them but they mustn’t be white!

Previously CVS employees had been told to circle their race, gender, religion and sexual identity on a form and to deeply reflect on their privilege! ( white privilege. )

They should then use that form and their reflections in talks with other employees. Some other examples of privilege are given as those that celebrate Christmas (???? – that is apparently a privilege! ), having an easy to pronounce name and maybe how safe they feel in their neighborhood at night!! All the above is about admitting that they have white privilege!!

Further employees are given the task of holding all others in their stores responsible and accountable for any actions considered contrary to all the above. They are encouraging ‘snitching’ on their fellow employees. Yep! Kinda like Germans and Poles who were ordered to point out the Jews to the Nazis.

Employees are told in this 4 week program that snitching and recognizing actions contrary to the CVS plan would be a sign of bravery as they tackle these horrific actions from the unwoke employees they are unfortunate enough to have to work next to. You know, like making an anti-vax statement maybe? They are told to “commit to holding yourself and your colleagues accountable to consistently embrace diversity of all kinds, and take swift action against non-inclusive behaviors.” Mmmmm. Sounds like a great work place environment to me. NOT!

By the way CVS is committing $600 million to address racial inequality. Profits from your over priced purchases at their ‘woke’ stores! Feeling good about all that?

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