Ilhan Omar Introduces Legislation to Create Special Envoy for Monitoring and Combating ‘Islamophobia’

Will the human rights reports make a clear distinction between “Islamophobia” as attacks on innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and “Islamophobia” as honest analysis of the motivating ideology behind jihad violence, which is always necessary?

Of course the answer to both questions is a resounding no. If this “special envoy” is created, he or she will crack down on honest discussion of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and oppression. The special envoy will be another agent in the Left’s escalating war against the freedom of speech.

Omar wants government to monitor global ‘Islamophobia

by Luke Gentile, Washington Examiner, October 21, 2021:

Democratic Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Jan Schakowsky of Illinois introduced legislation Thursday that would create a federal office to monitor “Islamophobia” and anti-Muslim bigotry around the world.

Omar hopes the office will help lawmakers understand the “interconnected, global problem of anti-Muslim bigotry.”

“The bill requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia, and include state-sponsored Islamophobic violence and impunity in the Department’s annual human rights reports,” Omar’s office said in a press release .

Although Omar and Schakowsky’s proposal is aimed at international anti-Muslim bigotry, they both said it is a domestic problem, too.

“We are seeing a rise in Islamophobia in nearly every corner of the globe,” Omar said. “In my home state of Minnesota, vandals spray-painted hate messages and a Nazi swastika on and near the Moorhead Fargo Islamic Center.”

In the past year, roughly 500 complaints of anti-Muslim hate and bias have been documented in the U.S., according to the release….

“As part of our commitment to international religious freedom and human rights, we must recognize Islamophobia and do all we can to eradicate it,” Omar said.




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