Biden’s More Stupid Than I Thought Possible!

“It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere.” – Voltaire

In the movie, Forrest Gump, the main character was asked several times if he was stupid. Forrest Gump replied, “Stupid is as stupid does”, meaning that a person should be judged by his actions, not his appearance.

I will do anything and everything to reduce the price Americans pay at the pump! That was what Sniffer Joe said after letting us know it was the “end of quote”. With the stroke of a pen he ordered 50,000,000 barrels of oil be released from the national strategic reserve, oil that should be kept for a national emergency, and told Americans that would fix the problem!

Ummmm…. Not so fast dumbo! The amount you have ordered released is not quite three days worth of fuel. The amount may be the largest amount released from the strategic reserve but ….. How is that going to make a difference? If it does it will be mighty short lived. Especially as there is a great possibility that our enemies, you know, the ones Biden and his cronies love like Russia and OPEC, are threatening to cut their production by the amount that we and other idiotic administrations decide to release from strategic reserves.

It also turns out we will be giving at least 1/3 of those barrels to other countries like – you guessed it – China!!

Oh, by the way, it takes approximately 13 days for any of that oil to reach the market. Our reserve can hold 727 million barrels of oil and was created after the oil embargo of 1975 from which we seem, as a nation, to have forgotten the disaster that caused normal Americans. The huge queues of folk waiting hours to get a few measly gallons of fuel for their cars. Could be back again soon!!

This usurper of a dictator has put America back into the same circumstances where OPEC and other oil producing countries, will have us by the proverbial you know what? None of them are our friends. They are raping us for our wealth and we are now dependent on them. If they shut production down or slow it they can seriously impact our economy. They can bring our industrial capabilities to a standstill. In the meantime they are earning a fortune from us and using it to strengthen their militaries while Biden and company are destroying ours!

So, as we get to attempt to celebrate Thanksgiving which may be the most unaffordable ever, ( 14% higher than last year ) our dumbo in charge has jetted to a private equity billionaire’s Nantucket home for a celebration worthy of the King he thinks he is. Bet no shortages of turkeys or cranberry sauce on that table. Kinda like when Rome fell as they fiddled and played!!

I say it is time to teach that usurper a lesson and throw him off his throne.

Anyway – from my beloved wife and I we wish you all a very happy thanksgiving and we both pray for the changes needed to restore our Constitutional Republic to where it was 11 months ago!! You know, when we had the last legal president running the show!


©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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