Biden. You suck.

For the first time since I became an extremely proud American citizen on February 26, 2003, I am ashamed of what my adopted country has become. Let me explain before you get upset at me!

First, I am proud to be an American patriot. I love my Constitutional Republic and the constitution which I think, after the Bible, is the most amazing document ever written by man. I even was proud during the King Obama dictatorship years although I never understood how Americans elected him. He is a lowdown, testosterone challenged traitor. He led this country down a dangerous slippery slope that the election of My President, Donald J Trump stopped in its filthy tracks.

Then for four years I was ecstatic as my country grew in pride and strength. The economy boomed – every single aspect of it. Unemployment of every ethnic group was at its lowest as individual wealth and savings were at a high. Everything was incredible. We were the most powerful nation in the world as President Trump did his thing – making America great. Surely the role of every president who lives his country.

Then in 2020 along came a fraudulent, stolen election and we end up with a decrepit, mentally deficient, criminal, pervert, corrupt Commie loving so called president who from day one has run this country as if it is a communist nation where the government has all the power and we the people are serfs.

In a short 11 months the Democrats have taken this nation and reduced it to almost a third world nation status. It has destroyed our economy. It is destroying the middle class. It is trying really hard to destroy our fossil fuel industry. It is destroying education. It is destroying our military. It is destroying our law enforcement. It has weakened us to the degree that we are actually at great risk of our security as a nation. It has destroyed our secure borders. It has destroyed our faith in the election system. It has destroyed our infrastructure like the supply chain. It has badly affected black employment and ruining all the gains minorities mad in the preceding 4 years. it has made us a laughing stock to our enemies who perceive us as weak and pathetic. We see this with Russia, China and Iran who are running rampant as they take advantage of our country as this administration attempts to bring us to our knees.

Let’s be honest. The list above is short and just a brief synopsis of the evil activities this administration has done in a very short time. The Build Back Better Bill they are trying to pass will be the final nail in our coffin if passed as is. This will be a 5 Trillion dollar Socialist program that will keep growing as many of the programs planned will never be stopped. Ever. It must never be passed but to do that Joe Manchin from Virginia is going to have to grow a huge sets of testes and vote against it. If he doesn’t his home state of Virginia will have a massive economic downfall as will the USA. It’s all on him.

How sad that our countries future is on the back on one man, a Democrat. He can make or break it with his vote. Republicans, all 50, will be voting against it so without Manchins vote it will pass.

I am not running around like a headless chicken or yelling the sky is falling. Trust me all of you. If this Bill passes it will be the destruction of everything this country ever stood for and the end of our self rule. It’s simple as that.


So going back to my original paragraph I am ashamed that we Americans have been so fooled and been so careless with our freedoms and liberties. That we have allowed this country to have got here. That we have not put a stop to the extremist lunacy of the left. That we have acted like cowards and ensured that our founding fathers are rolling in their graves. That we have allowed such disdain for our armed forces and law enforcement. That we have allowed the sentiment that criminals are more worthy than victims. That our citizenship is so worthless.

2022 will give us a chance to recoup and prevent any more damage to our beloved country.

Ensure everyone you know – including you all – vote. Do the right thing for my beloved country. Your country. Destroy the New Socialist Democrat Party. Annihilate it.

If we do not then the only other alternative will be civil war.

Your choice America. Will you stand up now while we still can and make the changes needed. Move our country to the center or right.

I feel the change!! We can do this.

©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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