The Politics of MLK Day on January 17th, 2022

Martin Luther King, Jr.: “I have a dream.”

In 1964, LBJ announced his Great Society which was meant to eliminate poverty and racial injustice… to make the dream come true. Since then, $50 Trillion (in net present value) was spent on that Great Society for Affirmative Action which included bussing students to far-away schools, special loans for Blacks, Black employment quotas, Black promotion quotas, preferences for Blacks for college enrollments, and preferences for Blacks for doing business with the federal government.

What are the results after almost 60 years of this Affirmative Action?

  • Blacks have 4 to 5 times more children raised without fathers per capita than the rest of society.
  • Blacks commit 4 to 5 times more violent crimes per capita than the rest of society.
  • Blacks have the lowest scholastic achievement of any groups.
  • Poverty levels are unchanged.
  • Blacks have the highest unemployment rate of any groups.
  • The USA is more racially divided. BLM. Antifa. Black National Anthem. Kaepernick. Smollett. Cancel Culture. Take a knee. Critical Race Theory. NEA. Biased movies, TV, and commercials that alienate white Americans.
  • Maxine Waters.

The fact is this: of the 5 to 10 million Blacks who came to the USA, less than 10% of them (about 500,000) came as slaves. And many of them were slaves because other Blacks in Africa sold them into slavery.

More than 90% of Black immigrants to the USA migrated to the USA after the Civil War willingly as free persons. They were treated no differently than the immigrants from Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Syria, Viet Nam, Philippines, China, etc. Blacks came to the USA for the same reason as other immigrants… because the USA provides a much better life for them than the countries that they left.

Democrats/liberals/socialists have misrepresented that fact, they rubbed race raw, purely for political gain.

Democrats propose more of the same Affirmative Action now so they can maintain 90% of Black votes. Without that 90% of Black votes, Democrats have no party. Democrats propose special voting rights for Blacks in conflict with states’ rights as per the Constitution. Liberal media and entertainment have Blacks overly dominating movies, TV, and commercials even though Blacks are only 12% of the population.

A liberal friend argued that an over-representation of Blacks on TV, in movies, and in commercials is needed to instill pride and self respect in Blacks. For how long? 60 years, 2 1/2 generations seems long enough. And how does the misrepresentation of so much Black, especially Black/White couples instill pride and self respect?

The over-representation of Black/White couples is a misrepresentation of the truth since Black/White couples are only about 1% of the total couples in the USA. If every Black man married a White woman, then that would still only be 12% of total couples. 1 out 8. The real number is one of 100. Is 1% what you see on TV and in the movies? No. So what are the media and entertainment really trying to accomplish with such misrepresentations?

How is the rest of the USA population reacting to all this everything Black? How are those descendants of immigrants from from Ireland, Poland, Mexico, Syria, Viet Nam, Philippines, China, etc. reacting? Resentment. Resentment caused by 60 years and $50 Trillion of special treatment for Blacks. More division. How is that good for America?

That is certainly not what Martin Luther King wanted when he had a dream… when he said that he could see people walking hand in hand and said that people should be judged on their individual characters, not by the colors of their skins.

From Save America Now, published in 2009

Political Correctness

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a great man. He had his flaws, especially with women, but he also had a dream for mankind. He saw in his dream all men and women of all colors walking hand in hand as equals. Not as financial equals or intellectual equals, but as humanitarian equals. Many of us walked in marches across America during the 1960s to support him and then mourned him when he was assassinated.

Bobby Kennedy was a great man. He had his flaws, especially with women, but he also had a dream for mankind that was a mirror of Martin Luther King, Jr. Bobby put his dream for America into action in his quest to become president in 1968. Many of us campaigned to help him get elected and then mourned him when he was assassinated.

These two great men of the 1960s were both assassinated because of their dreams.

In the United States, there are eleven holidays recognized by our federal government. These have changed since my days as a child in Detroit. The holidays for the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln along with the holiday for Good Friday during the Easter weekend have been eliminated. Instead, the Federal Government celebrates President’s Day, which lumps all the presidents together, and ignores Easter.

This is the current list of federal holidays:

  • New Years Day
  • President’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
    Memorial Day
  • Labor Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Columbus Day
  • Veteran’s Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • Christmas

A couple of things jump out from this list.

  1. First, holidays fall into three categories. Holidays either celebrate an event, or a group of people, or an individual.
  2. Next, there are only three holidays that recognize individuals. There is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day for Martin Luther King, Jr., Columbus Day for Christopher Columbus, and Christmas for Jesus Christ. Of those, only one holiday is dedicated to recognize an individual who was an American citizen. That holiday for an American citizen is Martin Luther King Day. Columbus and Christ were not American citizens.

So why are there no federal holidays for any other American citizens?

How about a Ben Franklin Day? Or a Bobby Kennedy Day? Or a César Chávez day? Are there no other citizens in the history of the United States who are worthy of having a dedicated holiday other than Martin Luther King, Jr.?

Or better yet, if there are no holidays to honor any other American citizens, then why do we celebrate a holiday for Martin Luther King, Jr.?

We celebrate a holiday for Martin Luther King as patronizing for Black votes and as political correctness. It is reverse discrimination. It is an action of tyrants. Martin Luther King Jr. has been exploited by politicians and tyrants for their personal political agendas in the name of social justice – to promote socialism as the next progression in Ravi Batra’s cycle.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would never have tolerated this reverse discrimination, this inequality.

Tyrants have been using political correctness for eternity to cause the masses to conform. Sensitivity is one thing. Decent human beings should respect one another. Suffocation is another. And tyrants in the United States are no exception. Suffocation of dissent towards these “politically correct” actions is another way the “in crowd” oppresses the mind of man.

Can you imagine if a white version of Reverend Wright preached the hatred of black people the way the Reverend Wright has done about white people? Or if a white politician listened for 20 years while a preacher disparaged black people the way that Obama listened to Wright disparage white people?

All of the liberal tyrants would scream discrimination.

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