A Global March by Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army

I am writing about Vladimir Putin for three reasons: First, I belong to a few who know more about Vladimir Putin than others. Second, we are watching Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America. Third: the recently revealed Durham’s bombshell is not news for me, I was writing about the deep criminal conspiracy of Russia’s Intelligence and the Democrat Party for thirty years. Durham is on the right path to expose it. Yet, for expressing my knowledge and sharing it with the American public, the FBI has submitted my name to the FISA Court and made me a Foreign Agent. That is the reason, you still have not read my books and articles: they have become banned …

All America’s problems and troubles in 2022 are caused by Putin’s KGB’ Mafia/Army and that is the reason knowledge of Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army is imperative. I am a political refugee from Russia and I know Putin. He and I lived in the same city and we both were Soviet lawyers. We studied Marxism-Leninism and Stalinism at the Law School for four years. My major was Criminal Law, Putin’s International Law. He graduated from Law School twenty years later, when I had already been practicing law as a defense attorney. His mentor, a Chair of the International Law Faculty, was my close friend: a smart and very savvy man with broad political horizons, who gave Putin recommendation to the KGB after Putin graduated from Law School.

Vladimir Putin is a creation of the Soviet Socialist System. That means: Putin is a byproduct of Stalin’s dreams of One World Socialist Government under the Kremlin rule. Putin is connected to Stalin by the umbilical cord of ideology. The same connection Putin has with China and Chairman Xi Jinping; they are both war criminals, the natural allies representing Socialist/Communist forces waging the war against Western civilization and American Capitalism… I have been writing about this war for the last thirty years and called it WWIII. Read my books and columns at www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/ and http://www.simonapipko1.com/index.htm.

The Roots of WWIII: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America

 It is not a coincidence that Peter Schweizer began his book Red Handed about China with a quotation from Vladimir Lenin and the Soviet times. That fact proves the real history of events—the war against American capitalism started a hundred years ago by Russia. Though China’s military now is a great danger to the United States today, yet, Russia presents an existential threat to America, covertly destroying our republic from within. All America’s problems in 2022 derive from the decades of real collusion between Russia’s Intelligence and the American Democrat Party. Bill Clinton was the first American President recruited and drilled by the KGB under the Chairman, Yuri Andropov in 1969-1970. Read the details in my book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction, XLIBRIS, 2012.      

Yes, all America’s problems in 2022 are caused by Putin’s KGB’ Mafia/Army and that is the reason knowledge of Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army is imperative. The second American President, Barack Obama has been educated and drilled also by the KGB mafia/Army. The above mentioned book details his story as well. The massive infiltration by the KGB Mafia/Army to American democratic institutions, courts, sports, and government took place during the time of Clinton’s and Obama’s presidencies. Biden’s presidency has also been created by the Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army and the first executive orders by Biden illustrated its anti-American essence: self-inflicting energy policy, inflation, and open borders have continued demolition of the American republic… Read my book: Socialist Revolution in America, XLIBRIS, 2021

There is a special and fundamental idea in my entire writings: a war against Western civilization and American capitalism by the totalitarian Regimes. That multi-faceted geopolitical war for world domination started by Stalin and developed at the time by his devoted disciples, the KGB Chairman Yuri Andropov 1967-1982 and Vladimir Putin. This war has never stopped. The tension of Russia’s claim over Ukraine is that WWIII was waged by Vladimir Putin in the center of Europe today. His desire to have a Great Russia will impact the entire world and destabilize the globe.

Putin had thirty years to prepare, analyze, and calculate his war on Ukraine. The Democrat Party has given Putin those thirty years. Today, Putin practices coercive diplomacy along with intimidation and threat to the world order. Democracy is under attack and the dark future is looming. Modern Warfare has changed dramatically since WWII: there are now a quadruple opportunity to kill and destroy, let alone cyberattacks and electronic warfare, known well by the KGB Mafia/Army…

Please, remember September 1, 1939 when WWII had begun by Nazis with a false flag operation Glaives against Poland: the German soldiers disgusted in Polish uniform attacked Nazi Germany. Doesn’t it remind you of Putin’s preparation to attack Ukraine? Do you remember Hitler, Nazis and their war against Western democracies in WWII? This is the repetition and illustration of the aggressive and reckless behavior of the leaders in the global setting! Fascism never sleeps. Watch similar events in our hemisphere.

I have been writing about worldwide Russian/China’s criminal activities for thirty years. Misinformation means in Russian—Disinformation. Planting a fraud is the usual Russian dirty trick and Putin is a master of provocation, dirty tricks, sabotage, and disinformation. I have deliberately focused your attention on the Soviet narrative-propaganda to lie, deceive, or defraud to advance the agenda—those are the tools. For that exact reason I was writing about Socialist modus operandi and describing it as lies, deceit, and fraud. Those verbs exactly portrayed the intent to misinform and mislead.

In fact, it was the exact task of Socialist modus operandi described by me based on Stalin’s Political Correctness and aimed at masking the truth and substituting it with the Stalinist Dogma of Soviet Socialism. The essence of Stalin’s PC, those precise narratives, actions, and events you can see in Biden’s 2021-2022 America. This Socialist modus operandi has been implemented in all countries of “the Axis of Evil” under the Russian umbrella, now run by Putin. Read my columns about “the Axis of Evil” to see the real division of the globe and the place the Democrat Party occupied.

I have already warned you that America looks very weak on the world stage in 2022 and as a result the criminal and aggressive “Axis of Evil” forces will act. You will see their real faces! In this respect, Hunter Biden’s connection with Moscow’s Mayor, which means the KGB and the weak personality of our President Biden is the crux of the matter. Watching and following Joe’s family for the last decade, I found his direct ties with Putin and the KGB. He has been collaborating with Putin since 2013-2014 or maybe even prior to that. You saw Biden illustrating his interest in helping Putin to suffocate democratic Ukraine. Do you remember Biden’s quid-pro-quo with $1 Billion of our money? He was against the democratic Ukraine!

Just look at Biden’s first executive orders to undermine American energy policy, the major engine of our independence and success of capitalism. His un-American energy policy impacted the American economy, creating world crises and giving control and power to Russia… At the same time Joe Biden helped Russia with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, providing Putin with psychological support, and enabling him to act aggressively further. Biden didn’t “carry a big stick” he did the opposite! I don’t trust Biden’s team and don’t believe a word from them: I suspected the KGB was running his presidency. Putin’s aggressive plan to surround a defenseless Ukraine on three sides with almost 200 thousand troops is a threat to Humanity and world stability. That conduct required a stronger language against the Russian aggressor. Listening to Jake Sullivan, we heard the opposite. Wake up, America! Democrats keep failing you!

Watch the American administration’s narratives and actions: censorship, control, self-defeating energy policy, inflation, and surge of crime. Those are anti-American events opposing moral principles of our Constitutional republic. Moreover, you can see a collaboration of the government with big-tech corporations censoring the descent. Pay attention to the recent policies of the Canadian and American administrations. Be aware: your political view has become the cause of freezing your bank account by the government. Socialism and Fascism are two sides of the same totalitarian coin and Fascism never sleeps.

Biden called Tridua to inspire him to apply more severe police force against truckers. Both administrations are deeming the Canadian Truckers and American parents to be the terrorists. For control and power they are expending the definition of terrorism, which is illegal. Recently, Justin Tridua is engaged in fascistic practicing, treating truckers as terrorists, arresting the leaders and their bank accounts. It is not law and order, but it is Martial Law against democracy.

Here is the right conclusion “Every day Americans need to wake up to how their own money is used to advance an ideological agenda that they find repugnant.” Vivek Ramaswamy.

Special Counsel Durham and the Faith of the Democrat Party 

 Yes, if Special Counsel John Durham knows Russia and its Intelligence, he will be able to prove long-term treasonous activities of the Democrat Party leadership—a real collusion of the leadership with the KGB Mafia/Army. I was describing that exact collusion in my columns and books providing a reader with the names and events for thirty years. I had named six candidate-Democrats running for the U.S. presidency sponsored by the KGB. Some of them are now in the Biden administration. You see the result of the KGB’ Special Operations during the decades…

I am warning you again: Our national security is at stake. The entire Trump/Russia collusion narrative was a politically motivated scam, calculated, coordinated, and orchestrated by Russia’s Intelligence in concert with the leadership of the Democrat Party to cover up the crime they themselves have been committing for decades. The leaders of that politically motivated scam were Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Vladimir Putin. We were witnessing the KGB Mafia/Army Special Operation against the American Constitutional republic. The operation is still going on… Read about Stalin’s postulates and Andropov’s design to infiltrate America in my columns.

I think that Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin have a common agenda to save the Democrat Party from extinction; and that makes Putin’s hands free for an arrogant aggression. Today you see Putin’s psychological pressure on the West for concessions: he wants to have a Buffer-Zone and occupy Donbass in Eastern Ukraine.

Remember, the symbols played a big role in Putin’s Soviet mind. The Soviet Union was established in 1922—a centennial is in 2022. February 23d is the Day of the Soviet Army.

Putin will act… Just wait…

To be continued at:  http://www.simonapipko1.com/index.htm and www.drrichswier.com/author/spipko/

©Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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  1. Viviane Paolini
    Viviane Paolini says:

    Hi Simona,
    Very interesting indeed. Here they speak only of Cina, how they are into the government, into buying high tech companies, How they give orders to biden ( I call him Bidet), how they buy acres and acres of ground in several states specially near army camps. They speak here that russia and cina are together into killing the democracy in the US. Cina has already their army in Canada and at the border in Mexico. The media don’t talk much of russia. Viviane

  2. Simona Pipko
    Simona Pipko says:

    Thank you, Viviane, you are right. Please, spread the information about my books and columns. To save America the Beautiful, people should educate themself and I am trying to provide them with the Truth. We are living in the jangle of disinformation…
    With best wishes,
    Simona Pipko


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