Biden and the Alexandra Ocasio Cortez’s Green Energy Agenda

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez (AOC) is neither a climatologist or scientist. Before she was elected to Congress she was a bartender.

Nothing wrong with being a bartender but creating a program called ‘The Green New Deal’ is above her pay level.

Nevertheless the Biden White House is in the process of implementing AOC’s Green New Deal which was voted down by the Senate in 1979 by a vote of 57 Republicans against, and 47 Democrats voting present.

Not one Democrat Senator voted for it.

Can you think of any country other than the U.S. under Biden’s management that would vote to give up its energy independence?

Can’t think of one, because it never happened before.

Shortly after being sworn in as president Biden cancelled the Keystone XL pipeline. While electioneering he promised to do so and promised to put the fossil fuel business out of business. Few people understood by going to war against oil and gas that the U.S. would no longer be energy independent; or that U.S. security would be compromised plus high inflation would follow.

Everything we eat, drink or use is affected by the price of energy.

Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, gasoline prices increased by about a dollar a gallon and natural gas rose as well. Biden’s claim that inflation is a result of the Russian-Ukraine war doesn’t wash.

We can thank AOC and the commitments Biden probably made to her to get her and the ‘Squad’  to support  his election has resulted in our current state of affairs.

The White House has been pleading with Venezuela and Saudi Arabia to pump more oil to make up for Biden’s monumental error. How does this help climate change considering the U.S. produces cleaner energy than either of these countries?

It is high time for Congress and the Senate to take action to make the U.S. energy independent again and end Biden’s war on energy and the American people.

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