The LGBTQI Psyops are Running as Planned

“There is no such thing as failure, only results.” – Tony Robbins

Psyops: actions designed to influence the perceptions and attitudes of individuals, groups, and domestic plus foreign governments.

What we are seeing globally today and so prevalently here in America is a program of re-education, propaganda and a definite psych operation that is running true to its planning. It plays a huge part in the total destruction of the United States and everything that it has always stood for as a Judo Christian country.

The destruction of the church and its doctrines and the enforced humiliation and mocking of Christians and their beliefs played a huge part as Christianity had to be destroyed as much as possible so that people could buy into the LGBTQI agenda. All over this country I see churches closed, becoming commercial businesses or homes. Demolished as if they were nothing. Along with that came the total eradication of morals and ethics and clean living, family values, work ethics, charitable behavior etc.

All planned. All executed with amazing results by a leftist agenda with money and power hard to believe. Just like a military operation. Their success has been stunning as we and most of the world have evolved into a country like Sodom and Gomorra, where perversions and immorality rule and clean behavior is looked upon like a disease.

Rhodesians were experts especially in the Selous Scouts. This was where we caught and turned communist terrorist fighters to our cause and fought along side them against a now common enemy. However – I digress.

The LGBTQ psyops was set up for one purpose only:

Legalization and acceptance of pedophilia.

The first step was to legalize gay marriage.

Then came the transgender agenda.

Then the destruction of our military and its leadership.

Then the adoption of children by homosexuals.

Grooming in the government schools by pro LGBTQ teachers.

Acceptance and legalization of pedophilia is next.

The above may sound like a work of fiction but I deeply believe it is not. Not a day goes by where we are not inundated with graphics and words pushing the LGBTQI Agenda and the teaching of our youth by teachers represented by a communist teachers union. Why would any teacher want to teach kids as young as five that transsexualism is normal at their age? That just because their parents tell them they have boys equipment so are therefore boys that the parents are wrong. Same goes for girls.

Since when did teachers become the sole group of people whose private and political opinions are taught to our kids regardless of parents wishes? That parents are wrong if they have an opinion different to the evil and satanic version bring forced upon our youth.

Look at Disney that is risking all to push a far left agenda in support of the LGBTQI community. They are using propaganda aimed at vulnerable kids to say over 40% of this new generation are queerer than any other generation and that is good. Good? Hell no it’s not good.

Look at the massive increase in pedophilia in our political leadership. The behavior of president Clinton. The current usurper Biden has shown his fondness of kids, touching and smelling them at every opportunity. The wealthy and the Royals. All involved in the filth that is pedophilia.

I think every family has experience with the problem. The difference of opinion between their kids and themselves. We all know families with now gay or queer kids?

If we have a problem with it and dare to talk out openly or even mention it we are told we are homophobic, we are penalized and demonized at work, banned from all social media and are made to be the bad guys.

I am on record multiple times here on this blog and on radio interviews etc. of where I stand on gay marriage. On gay parenting. On gay adoptions. On the blatant and open immoral acts forced upon us by TV shows, theater, movies, news cycles etc. The disproportionate amount of time given to their cause by all media and our politicians. I do not agree with it.

What any people do in their own homes behind closed doors is their business. Not mine. They will have to answer to God one day. Their choices are theirs. I do not have to agree nor should I be forced to witness it or agree with it. My opinion is mine. Many do not agree but I have the right as a proud US Citizen to my opinion and thoughts. My First Amendment right.

I am also posting a link to another interesting blog from my friend Dr. Rich Swier’s eMagazine Enjoy.

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