Hunter Biden’s E-mails Are Here — 128 Thousand of Them

ragnar_forseti wrote on his newsletter:

Legalese: Having seen the lengths that the FBI and other entities in the apparatus have gone to harass citizens who expose corruption, and pursuant to 18 USC § 119, Marco Polo testifies that the contents of the Biden Laptop were abandoned property. Furthermore, Marco Polo unequivocally disclaims any intention to cause any threat, intimidating action, or incitement of harm to any person covered by 18 USC § 119 and we do not condone, encourage, intend, or have any knowledge that any other person will or may use the information herein for any unlawful purpose. Marco Polo’s motive is to see justice delivered—to all criminals—by those whose responsibility it is to carry out that duty.


(Apple) Download ALL raw email files (856 MB)

(Windows) Download ALL raw email file (844 MB)

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Analysis of Hunter Biden’s hard drive shows he, his firm took in about $11 million from 2013 to 2018, spent it fast

Treasure Trove of 128,000 Hunter Biden Emails Exposed Online

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  1. Russia Ukraine Kyiv
    Russia Ukraine Kyiv says:

    So many emails, we really need someone who can categorize them for the public, that would be the icing on the cake.

    • ragnar_forseti
      ragnar_forseti says:

      We’re working on it. It’s a lot of information to sift through. Meanwhile, you’ll continue to see new articles daily from all over (including MSM – GASP!) the place.


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