The Greatest Number of Global Conflicts are in Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa

There is growing concern that Biden and his Department of Defense are more concerned about gender identity than dealing with the the twenty-six current conflicts around the world. Two of the conflicts are in our back yard.

  1. Criminal Violence in Mexico
  2. Instability in Venezuela

The instability and violence in Mexico is part of Biden’s open borders policy that is causing massive numbers of illegals to travel from Central and South America via Mexico where the drug cartels are involved in illegal drugs and human trafficking.

To date the media is not covering these 26 conflicts, with the exception of the Russia-Ukraine debacle which Biden started with his weak comments on Russian invading Ukraine. Biden predicted that Russia ‘will move in’ to Ukraine, but called it a ‘minor incursion’. This was a dog whistle to Putin to begin the invasion. Watch:

The Council on Foreign Relations (COFR) has created a Global Conflict Tracker MapAccording to the The Center for Preventive Action website:

The Center for Preventive Action (CPA) aims to help policymakers devise timely and practical strategies to prevent and mitigate armed conflict around the world, especially in places that pose the greatest risk to U.S. interests.  CPA accomplishes this by commissioning in-depth reports, convening meetings of experts, and consulting with representatives of governments, international organizations, civil society groups, corporations, and the media. The center’s Global Conflict Tracker informs the general public about threats to international peace and security by providing a reliable and regularly updated online source of information about ongoing conflicts.



Criminal Violence in Mexico

Criminal violence in Mexico criminal violence significant unchanging

Instability in Venezuela

Instability in Venezuela Americas political instability significant unchanging


War in Afghanistan

War in Afghanistan Asia civil war critical worsening

Territorial Disputes in the South China Sea

Territorial disputes in the south china sea Asia territorial dispute critical unchanging

Tensions in the East China Sea

Tensions in the east china sea Asia territorial dispute critical unchanging

North Korea Crisis

North Korea crisis Asia interstate critical unchanging

Instability in Pakistan

Instability in Pakistan Asia transnational terrorism significant unchanging

Conflict Between India and Pakistan

Conflict between India and Pakistan asia interstate significant unchanging

Instability in Myanmar

Instability in Myanmar asia sectarian limited worsening
Europe and Eurasia

Conflict in Ukraine

Conflict in Ukraine Europe and Eurasia territorial dispute critical worsening

Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Nagorno-Karabakh conflict Europe and Eurasia territorial dispute limited unchanging

Middle East and North Africa

Conflict in Syria

Conflict in Syria middle east and north Africa civil war significant unchanging

Instability in Iraq

Instability in Iraq middle east and north Africa civil war significant unchanging

Instability in Lebanon

Instability in Lebanon middle east and north Africa political instability significant worsening

Instability in Egypt

Instability in Egypt middle east and north Africa political instability significant unchanging

Conflict Between Turkey and Armed Kurdish Groups

Conflict between turkey and armed Kurdish groups middle east and north Africa territorial dispute significant unchanging

Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict Middle East and North Africa territorial dispute significant unchanging

Instability in Libya

Instability in Libya middle east and north Africa civil war limited unchanging

War in Yemen

war in Yemen middle east and north Africa civil war limited worsening ye

Confrontation with Iran

Confrontation with Iran Middle East and north Africa interstate critical unchanging

Sub-Saharan Africa

Conflict with Boko Haram in Nigeria

Conflict with boko haram in Nigeria sub-Saharan Africa sectarian significant unchanging

Instability in Mali

Instability in Mali sub-Saharan Africa transnational terrorism limited unchanging

Instability in the Central African Republic

Instability in the central African republic sub-Saharan Africa sectarian limited unchanging

Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Instability in the Democratic Republic of Congo sub-Saharan Africa political instability limited unchanging

Civil War in South Sudan

Civil war in south Sudan sub-Saharan Africa civil war limited unchanging

Conflict with Al-Shabab in Somalia

Conflict with al-Shabab in Somalia sub-Saharan Africa transnational terrorism limited unchanging

War in Ethiopia

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