When is enough to be enough?

As the war in Ukraine continues, the world but especially America, seems to have bottomless pockets when it comes to sending aid to Ukraine. You all know my opinion on that war and if we should even be interfering. How much is enough? Should we continue? Should this money and weaponry be a loan to be repaid?

Here are my answers. My opinion. I say enough us enough. In fact too much. All of it should have been a loan to be paid back to the U.S. treasury filled with our tax money. To date $54B has been spent/given. With the normal corruption in those parts of the world I would hazard to say a fair bit of the cash has been filtered off.

QUESTION: How much has gone to the neo Nazi regiments and to strengthening them? (Azov Regiment, etc.)

When are we as a nation going to understand that we are no longer in a financial position to be the worlds policemen? Our national debt is to the point of being unable to be paid. Our nation is in trouble. Morally. Ethically. The left has done a phenomenal job of destroying almost everything we ever held dear. Law Enforcement is weak. Our beloved military is being destroyed from the inside by leftist politicians and leftist treasonous leadership. Our economy, despite assurances from this lying administration that fraudulently got itself into the White House, is in tatters. Our self worth as a nation has never been lower especially after the deliberate debacle of the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Nations mock us and our so called leadership. Who can blame them? Not me. Our leadership is disgusting. Our leadership is acting treasonously. Our leadership is far worse than just being mentally challenged. Our leaders are socialists. One World Nation proponents. Their hatred for America is clearer daily.

They are all fiddling in the swamplands of DC while America burns. Celebrating what they see as the demise of this nation as a shining light on a hill, a beacon for all other countries to follow. A land of freedom. Liberty. They are destroying it all.

And we allow it. Sadly we are sitting on our hands watching the demise. We fret about inflation which I believe is in the beginning of hyper-inflation. We fret about gas prices, air travel, food prices, shortages of baby formula. I could go on but when do we as a nation stand up to the tyrant in the WH? When will enough be enough? When will we say it has to stop?

Soon may be too late.

This upcoming mid term election may be the last chance we have to peacefully change the direction we are taking. To stop the demise. To put America first. To make America great again.

Failure to stop the rot here and now will I believe end up very badly for this nation. We risk losing all. Leaving nothing for our kids and grandkids.

Justice must be done. All corrupt politicians and treasonous military leadership and politically motivated leftist judges must be removed one way or another. For justice to be seen to be done we need imprisonment and executions. We need to be resolute in our mission to save this Constitutional Republic once and for all.

America is worth it. The world needs a strong and powerful America that they can look up to. A true world leader.

©Fred. Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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