Great Start Joey!


TO:   Joe Kahn
Executive Editor
New York Times

Good Saturday morning Joey,

It looks like you are keeping the legacy of Deano Baquet (highly respected journalist), alive and well.  It looks like you are going to fit into the job as top propagandist, sorry I mean Executive Editor at Pravda.

Of course, I’m referring to absolutely no mention of Brandon Robinette what so ever on your iconic front page.  He is the fella who took off Thursday night for his normal 3/4 jaunt to his beachside estate in Delaware.  This of course is not to be confused with his main estate, further inland in picturesque Delaware.  It sort of reminds you of that old image of Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burns: just substitute a dementia patient eating a waffle cone with ice cream……..and there you have it!

It takes a lot of effort to keep the installed resident  of the White House and his absolute train wreck of his (Barry’s really) administration.  Kudos Joey Kahn, it seems you may even be better at this omission, deflection, and lie game then you predecessor.

Personally, I think it is a highly moral approach to your profession.  Conservatives, disagree, just calling you ultra political hacks, who turn a blind eye to actually doing your jobs……that would be reporting the news objectively.  No better than the National Inquirer, or The Star as far as journalistic integrity, maybe a notch below them actually. What is the going rate to be on the Democratic payroll?  Must be a lot, to be able to look yourselves in the mirror and keep any self respect.

Now get back to that editor’s desk Joey!  We need to hear about how guns kill people, not the mentally disturbed individuals, or criminal savages running rampart in mostly Democratic cities.  Yep, it is actually the guns fault……seems reasonable.  Of course the next biggest issue is climate control, which is neck and neck with white supremacy, of course.  Of course starting next week, we are going to need ubiquitous coverage of the INSURRECTION!!

This is going to be an all hands on deck effort.  The mid-terms are 5 months away, and the dementia patients polling numbers are in the proverbial toilet!  We must omit his disastrous  record, deflect from his disastrous record, and if that falls, lie about his disastrous record.  Of course if this fails, we always have “Dr.” Fraudci waiting in the wings with the polling booth variant.   You know the drill Joey old boy.

I take it those on Capitol Hill will not be requesting Brandon’s help with their campaigns. That one is going to be a tough one to omit and deflect, eh Joey?

We’ll talk soon champ.  He maybe after you take over for Dean Baquet (highly respected journalist), on June 14th,  we could schedule a meet and greet.  I had tried this several times with Deano, but between his lower Manhattan enclave and his highly non-diverse estate in toney Larchmont California; I guess our schedules just didn’t jive.

Remember that punchline you guys always use at the Old Gray Lady, “printing the news, that is fit to print.”  Hilarious right Joey boy!  Keep up the top notch “reporting”……see, more hilarity!


Chris Cirino

©Christopher Cirino. All rights reserved.

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