Seems Like A Filthy Lie To Me!

At a time in our countries history, with high computer and surveillance technology, it seems strange that the irresponsible culprit who deliberately released the possible reversal of the Roe vs. Wade decision from the Supreme Court has not been caught or even identified publicly. There has to be a forensic electronic trail.

The deliberate act of that release has placed huge security concerns for SCOTUS Judges and their families. There has already been an attempted assassination and/or kidnap attempt by a typical lunatic leftist. Since that leftists attempt there has been a virtual blackout of information by the MSM on the story. After all, the biggest threat to our national security, according to them, is white conservative males who are all linked, due to the color of their skin and their political beliefs, plus a belief in God, the constitution and a love of country, together as domestic terrorists and therefore a terrible risk to what they call a democracy as they are all too stupid to know we live in a constitutional republic and not a democracy.

However, due to their belief I just mentioned in the previous paragraph, there seems to be no end to their talents of detection in finding every person who attended the January 6th protest at the Capitol building. Just being there seems to be so serious a threat to their idea of national security that everyone must be arrested, mostly on trumped up charges, plus have their constitutional rights removed.

They are after all well versed in trumping up charges and lies. After all, look at the huge lie on the Russian collusion story. They also are so good at covering up their lies when found up which we see with the Hunter Biden laptop and the crime syndicate run by the mentally challenged usurper in the WH.

In their minds the 940 riots by ANTIFA and BLM which caused billions in property damage, thousands of injuries to law enforcement plus a whole load of deaths, were peaceful and just protests against a racist system that is evil and the cause of why America is such a terrible country. No arrests needed there. Nope. Nothing to see or worry about.

When we retake the House in November we must start investigative committees to investigate thoroughly everything these libtard enemies and traitors of our Constitutional Republic have done over the last 60 years if needed. Those investigations to include all the Clinton crimes, his obvious pedophilic tendencies, the corruption which runs deep in every alphabet agency starting with the CIA, FBI and ATF. We must fully investigate the joke that was the 2020 election. We must fully investigate the failures in our military by its leftist political leadership starting with General Mark Milley. We need to fully investigate the actions of that corrupt and leftist leaning Capitol Police Force and how that black Lieutenant Bird murdered a small white military veteran female Ashley Babbitt on January 6th was praised rather than investigated, arrested and charged. She presented no threat. She was unarmed. She was murdered plain and simple. Shot through a door. Just reverse the roles for example here. A white police officer shooting a small black unarmed female who offered no threat would have been vilified within an hour. His family details like his residential address etc. would have been linked. He would have been tried in the news media frenzy, found guilty and lost everything.

The elections two nights ago show that we, the people, have had enough. It is time for a moderate, historically middle of the road America, to come together and stop this madness. There will be pain. We will have to be brave. We will have to be resolute and strong but we need to fully cleanse the swamp once and for all and save our beloved Constitutional Republic for our kids and their kids. Saving America will save the world which has also lost direction without a strong America to lead from a position of strength.

This election season will be headed by Hispanic citizens as they are decent, God fearing, hard working, family loving people. The New Democratic Socialist party does not represent them or their vision of America. They want safe cities to raise their kids – like us. They want good schools that teach real education like math and English – like us. They want law and order and safety for themselves and their families – like us. They want a secure border – like us. They want freedom of speech, religion and the ability to peacefully protest – like us. They do not want their kids taught Wokism and sexual perversion from age 4 – like us. They do not want a radical and tyrannical government either left or right – like us.

Let’s show these leftists, socialists, communists and extremist anarchists that they will no longer be tolerated. They must be destroyed.

Isn’t America worth that? Aren’t our kids and their kids worth it?


©Fred Brownbill. All rights reserved.

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