9/11 Mastermind Al Qaeda Top Dog Zawahiri Was Killed At Home of New York Times Contributor

Neither my patriotic colleagues nor myself would ever be given an opportunity to argue our positions or defend our fight for individualism and Americanism. But the New York Times is given over to traitors, terrorists, murderers and most of all American haters.

It does not require genius or special skills to know what side the bastards are on.

Zawahiri was killed at home of New York Times contributor

By Robert Spencer, August 3, 202:

“Haqqani, deputy leader of the Taliban, is on the FBI’s most wanted list for his alleged involvement in a January 2008 attack on a Kabul hotel that killed six people.”

Yet the Times still published him.

Would the Times ever publish the work of a foe of jihad violence? Come on, man!

“Al-Zawahiri killed at home of Taliban lackey New York Times gave platform to,” by Allie Griffin, New York Post, August 3, 2022:

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri was killed at the home of an FBI-wanted Taliban lackey who was once given a platform by the New York Times.

The jihadist, one of the planners of the Sept. 11 attacks, was taken out by a CIA drone strike Sunday morning at a Kabul home belonging to senior Taliban official Sirajuddin Haqqani, according to initial reporting by the Gray Lady herself.

The publication infamously published an op-ed penned by Haqqani — the leader of the insurgent Haqqani Network in Afghanistan linked to brutal and deadly attacks — to ask for a peace agreement between US and Afghan leaders in 2020.

The paper was slammed by critics and even its own reporters for giving the global terrorist a megaphone to thousands of readers to spew what many saw as thinly veiled propaganda. The Times defended its decision to publish the piece at the time….

Now the Times is being accused of “stealth-editing” their reporting on the killing of al-Zawahiri to remove details of the initial report specifically naming Haqqani….

Critics of the newspaper suggested the publication removed the initial paragraph linking Haqqani’s role in protecting al-Zawahiri due to the backlash it received for publishing the Taliban leader’s op-ed.

However, a Times spokesperson denied such a narrative in a statement to Fox News….

Haqqani, deputy leader of the Taliban, is on the FBI’s most wanted list for his alleged involvement in a January 2008 attack on a Kabul hotel that killed six people, including an American citizen. He is also believed to have coordinated and participated in cross-border attacks against the United States and coalition forces in Afghanistan, according to the agency.

The FBI is offering up to $10 million for information leading directly to his arrest.


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