The National Security Implications of Electric Vehicle Fires

I’ve commented many times on the problems with the Biden administration’s push to ‘transition’ the nation to electric vehicles come hell or high water.  Still more problems have become apparent in recent weeks and they have national security implications.

Lots of electric cars caught fire during Hurricane Ian in Florida.  The batteries corroded, causing the vehicles to burst into flame, presenting a new type of problem for firefighters who can’t always put the fires out, not even with 1,500 gallons of water.  Lithium-ion batteries are composed of highly flammable materials and, if any part of the battery fails or short-circuits, flames quickly cascade through the rest of the battery in a process called “thermal runaway”.  Did you know there have been scores of electric scooter fires in New York City in the past two years and three resulting deaths?  How come the unicorns-and-rainbows Biden administration isn’t telling us about that?

Government reports show the Biden administration is aware EV production depends on the use of child labor in cobalt mines in Africa.  “Children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo labor under harsh and dangerous conditions to mine cobalt ore,” one report said.  Another said, “40,000 children, some as young as 6 years old, work in cobalt mines. Often working in tight spaces underground without proper safety equipment or procedures, child laborers face serious risks of injury or death.”  Given these reports, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and the other moral monsters in the Biden administration pushing EVs have been made fully aware of the child exploitation problem with EVs, but they don’t care and they don’t let it interfere with their agenda.

Rural states are telling the feds that current plans for requiring EV charging stations every 50 miles along lonely stretches of highway are wildly impractical.  The electrical infrastructure just doesn’t exist.  Moreover, the feds want high-capacity charging stations, which Wyoming says, could not possibly be profitable until the 2040s.

More information has come in about the weight of electric vehicles adding a ‘fatality factor’ to car crashes.  Simply put, more people will die because of momentum and rotational inertia, the inability to change the direction of heavy electric vehicles headed to a collision.  Pete Buttigieg never told us about that.  Like the rest of the Biden administration, he never changes direction, either.

Another problem with EVs that’s come to light is the fact that their economic viability depends on one crucial factor: the price of lithium.  As I told you previously, Indigenous peoples and governments in Latin America are moving to clamp down on lithium mining because of the environmental damage it is causing.  Lithium prices are already at a record high.  This situation reminds me of how the economic assumptions of the nuclear power industry went haywire in the 1970s when the price of yellowcake uranium rose 700 percent.  Why hasn’t the Biden administration stress-tested the economics of the electric vehicle industry for potential increases in lithium prices, or told us the results if they have?

Now for the national security implications.  The military is rushing into electric vehicles.  What would happen to the defense budget if the price of lithium increases 700 percent?  What is the Pentagon’s plan for putting out battery fires at military bases under attack?   What are the implications of the military’s own report heavier electric vehicles are not as maneuverable?   Where will the massive amounts of electricity needed to recharge electric vehicles come from on the battlefield?  Why is the military pursuing EVs that don’t meet the military’s own range requirements?  What will it take to obtain high-capacity charging stations that will enable the military to charge EVs in the same amount of time it takes to refuel current vehicles?

Call me a cynic, but I’m not taking the Biden administration or the Pentagon’s fervor for EVs at face value, not when it’s been reported many Biden officials personally own green energy investments that rise in value proportionally to how much green energy policy they can foist on the country. None dare call it fascism.  [Daily Skirmish – 7/27/22]   And not when it’s just been reported a Pentagon official participated in discussions about blacklisting a Chinese company in which he personally owned stock.  A lot of electric vehicle batteries come from China.  It’s also just been reported that thousands of government officials own stock in the companies their agencies regulate.  So don’t tell me the Biden administration and Pentagon push to electric vehicles is totally on the up-and-up.  I don’t believe you.  They have to know about all the problems with EVs I’ve been telling you about, but they’re pushing EVs on us, anyway.  Every one of their press releases should come with a financial disclosure statement, as far as I’m concerned.

Rush into EVs? — Where’s the fire?

©Christopher Wright. All rights reserved.


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