Watch Dutch MP Thierry Baudet explain ‘Modern Marxism’

Dutch MP Thierry Baudet has made this new video on the topic of Marxism. With a calm voice, without a Dutch accent, Baudet explains how Marxism became so dominant in the West in our current era.


The maker of this video is on the one hand a brilliant thinker, on the other hand, he is highly controversial. In this video you do not get to see his controversial side.

His party is currently very small, but they can dominate the political debates with rhetoric and intellect.

If Geert Wilders wins the next elections, he would have to cooperate with people like Baudet to end mass immigration.

But now I’m telling you my dream.

Realty is, that we still have quite a mountain to climb, will we -the Dutch- be able to save our country from the Leftist elites.

Si vis Pacem para Bellum

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