“In the Third Reich evil lost its distinctive characteristic by which most people had until then recognized it. The Nazis redefined it as a civil norm.” —  Hannah Arendt

“There is no denying that Hitler and Stalin are alive today… they are waiting for us to forget, because this is what makes possible the resurrection of these two monsters.” — Simon Wiesenthal – Holocaust survivor, Nazi hunter and writer

“The perfect dictatorship would have the appearance of a democracy, but would basically be a prison without walls in which the prisoners would not even dream of escaping.  It would essentially be a system of slavery wherethrough consumption and entertainment, the slaves would have their servitude.” —  Aldous Huxley

“Artificial intelligence, metaverse, synthetic biology will change our lives.  In ten years from now, we’ll be completely different and who masters those technologies, will be the master of the world.” — Klaus Schwab

Most people are sick of hearing about the World Economic Forum and the evil they have planned for humanity.  They don’t want to read about it or talk about it, but the only way we can smash the enemy is to know them.  Their goal is to re-create humanity into “humans 2.0.”  We will be part “controlled machine” and part “controlled human.” Schwab and his minions as our controllers, this is the global war against freedom.

Knowledge is power.

WEF’s Worldwide Holocaust

The individuals supporting the World Economic Forum (WEF), are godless. They are thoroughly depraved, given over to evil until the conscience is seared.  Psalm 1:6 tells us, “For the Lord knoweth the way of the righteous: but the way of the ungodly shall perish.”

Slay News writes that Dennis Meadows is calling for an 86% reduction in population.  He is one of the main authors of the Club of Rome’s 1972 pro-depopulation book “The Limits to Growth.”  He is an honorary member of the Club of Rome and a member of the World Economic Forum.

Despite his book being published over 50 years ago, his ideology is still very anti-human. Meadows argues that most of the world’s population must be wiped out so that the survivors can “have freedom” and a “high standard of living.”

And WEF is pushing for a staggering 75 percent reduction in the private ownership of cars, including electric vehicles, by 2050.

Plus, Harari claims, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) will rewrite the Word of God and “create religions that are actually correct.”  According to Klaus Schwab and Yuval Noah Harari, the senior advisor to WEF, the power of AI can be harnessed and used to reshape spirituality into WEF’s globalist vision of “equity” and “inclusivism.”

Harari argues that modern technologies like AI “make it possible to replace the people.”  He added that in the 21st Century, “we just don’t need the vast majority of the population.”

George Soros has been a top contributor to WEF and now his 37-year-old son, Alex will take control of Soros’ $25 billion.  He says he is much more political than his father and hinted at spending a great deal in next year’s elections.  George Soros is a member of WEF and the Soros Fund Management funds the Forum.

Jews Against Soros coalition was recently launched after leftists said criticizing Soros is antisemitic.  “Attacking Soros for his influence on American politics, to say nothing of his nefarious agenda in Israel itself, isn’t antisemitic,” the group asserts. “It is simply a fact that Soros funds a huge proportion of the radical left in this country. And he must be stopped.”

Let’s support them!

Blackrock CEO, Larry Fink, who manages 10 trillion in funds, is on the Board of Trustees of the WEF.  Fink has openly stated he is forcing woke ideologies on his employees through the use of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores.  He fits right in with Schwab and Harari.  In fact, he’ll fit right in when China takes over.

Demonic Plans

Submitting to the inoculations was bigger than most imagine.  Fear controlled our citizenry and the inoculations meant a way out, freedom that would alleviate their fear.  They weren’t walking with God, but choosing to put their trust in the false idol of government.

As if government control wasn’t bad enough, the “Benito/Fauci cultists” were celebrating their child sacrifice by pumping youngsters full of an experimental poison for an illness they don’t even get.  How many have been lost because of media’s propaganda?

The world is being controlled and herded into mankind’s greatest nightmare by the WEF, UN Agenda 21/30, the WHO and Schwab’s Fourth Reich.

In 2014, Klaus Schwab called for the Great Reset which he positioned as the solution to the world’s most urgent issues.  The dark reality of Schwab’s agenda is detailed in his best-selling book, COVID-19: The Great RESET.  Borrow it from your local library or buy a used copy so no new funding goes in this devil’s pocket.

His endgame mission is to replace independent governance with top-down control, One World Government and a central bank controlled digital currency.

Schwab wants a systemic transformation of the world.

When they say “You’ll be happy,” what they mean is, you’ll be enslaved.

On November 11, 2016, Schwab said, “America’s dominance is over.  By 2030, we’ll have a handful of global powers.

“China is rehearsing for when it overtakes America.

“Communist China is a role model for many countries.  But we have to go one step further.  China will be a role model in the systemic transformation of the world.”

Schwab is determined to do everything in his power to bring about his eugenics-inspired transhumanist world of AI, surveillance, control and exponential profit as is outlined in his WEF meetings in Davos.  His efforts will, “remake civilization globally for the express benefit of the global elite, the WEF and their allies.”

In an Exposing the Darkness article by Ethan Huff, he writes, “Yuval Harari is all for transhumanism.  He is eager to see the world taken over by ‘non-organic entities’ and ‘emotionless algorithms,’ meaning no more humans and lots and lots of artificial intelligence-driven robots ruling the world.

“In an interview, Harari explained that over the next several decades, earth will become populated ‘or even dominated’ by entities that are not organic, meaning they are not created by God. ‘They don’t breathe; they don’t have emotions,’ Harari said excitedly to the interviewer.”

Schwab and Harari believe they will become gods and rule and reign over their designs while destroying Elohim’s creation.  Harari believes these new entities will have no use for a higher power because they will in effect replace God, in his view.

“Here we have intelligent design – but not the intelligent design of the creation that’s in the Bible, a real intelligent design,” Harari stated arrogantly. “We are designing the AI, and then the AI will design maybe the next generation of AI, so it’s a completely different kind of process.”

Harari claims they have the ability to hack human beings and to get inside our brains and know us better than we know ourselves, including our weaknesses.

He says, “Humans are now hackable animals. The whole idea that humans have a soul, or free will, and nobody knows what’s happening inside me, so whatever I choose by way of the election or the supermarket, this is my free will, that is over.

“I think in a couple of decades, when people look back, the things that people will remember from the Covid crisis, is that this is the moment when everything went digital.  This was the moment that everything became monitored.  That we agreed to be surveilled all the time.  Not only in the totalitarian countries, but also in the democracies.  And maybe, most importantly of all, this was the moment when surveillance started going under the skin.”

Here is Harari’s speech at the Frontiers Forum.

World Health Organization

Attorney Thomas Renz understands that there must be a huge collection of data on every person, just as there is in communist China.  And it’s not enough to have data, they want to go under the skin, but they also want our DNA genetic data.  Why?  For the World Health Organization (WHO).

Renz said, “You may not be comfortable with the fact that Yuval Harari has told you he likes Nazis, that he is going to hack your brain and that he wants to control you.  You may not be comfortable with Bill Gates’ statement that rich nations should move to ‘100 percent synthetic beef.’”

And you may not be comfortable with the fact that Bill Gates is the top contributor to the WHO, and works hand in hand with the United Nations and WEF.

Gates is an Agenda Contributor for WEF.

When the League of Nations was formed in 1920, they established the Health Organization of the League.  After WWII, the United Nations absorbed all the other health organizations to form the World Health Organization.  During the 1945 United Nations Conference on International Organization, Szeming Sze, a delegate from the Republic of China, conferred with Norwegian and Brazilian delegates, on creating an international health organization under the auspices of the new United Nations.

The use of the word, “world” rather than “international,” emphasizes the truly global nature of what the organization was seeking to achieve.  The Constitution of the UN was signed by all 51 countries of the UN and by 10 other countries on July 22, 1946.

If the WHO declares an emergency, we have to give them all this genetic data.  That’s part of the treaty that Biden will undoubtedly sign, despite its unconstitutionality. Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson have admitted that their injections are gene therapy, but it is also the rewriting of your genetic makeup via gene modification.

You will obey!

The coup de grace is the WHO and it fits nicely into Klaus Schwab’s Fourth Reich.

Dr. Vernon Coleman, “the old man in the chair,” asks this question, “Is the WHO the terrorist wing of the UN?”  His video is 19 minutes long and worth the listen.

He tells us it’s important to remember that the WHO’s enthusiasm for forced vaccination around the world, which he says is a sign of their collective wickedness and ignorance, is linked with the United Nations.

America pays 22% of UN funding.

President Franklin Roosevelt promoted the UN, during WWII. He wrote the outline and Churchill approved it.  It contained euphemistic terms regarding human rights and religious freedom.  Nevertheless, everyone knew it would lead us to World government.

One of the men responsible who was very much a Nazi sympathizer, was John J. McCloy, former World Bank president, Wall Street insider and a partner in a law firm who represented none other than the American portion of IG Farben, manufacturer of Zyklon B.

McCloy’s influence kept the US Air Force from bombing Auschwitz since they were crucial to the German war industry.  At that time, McCloy was Assistant Secretary of War and after the war, he helped create the European Union.

Dr. Coleman suggests we read, The Shocking History of the EU by Zina Cohen.  After the war, McCloy became US High Commissioner for West Germany.  He arranged for Nazi camp doctors and SS officers to be released or have their sentences shortened.  Dr. Coleman said, “IG Farben execs quickly rejoined German companies such as the Duetsche Bank.”  Other war criminals received no punishment at all or punishment for minor infractions as these people helped with the founding of the European Union.

Alfried Krupp was convicted after World War II of crimes against humanity for the genocidal manner in which he operated his factories (with the use of slave labor) and sentenced to twelve years in prison, subsequently commuted to three years with time served in 1951.  McCloy arranged for Krupp to be pardoned and his record expunged despite controlling slave laborers in 57 concentration camps.

Dr. Coleman stated, “It was McCloy who helped the Nazis set up the European Union after the end of WWII and helped to define the sort of men who set up the UN.”

“The Communist Party instructed its members that ‘Great popular support and enthusiasm for the United Nations policies should be built up, well organized and fully articulate. But it is also necessary to do more than that. The opposition must be rendered so impotent that it will be unable to gather any significant support in the Senate against the United Nations Charter and the treaties which will follow.’  The

Communist Party was supporting, endorsing and promoting an organization (the UN) which had been set up by a bunch of American bankers.”

Natural News reported that on Monday, June 12th, the UN and WHO’s director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, officially announced the launch of his globalist body’s long-awaited “global digital health certification network,” which in many ways looks like it could be part of the prophesied Mark of the Beast.

The plot to force untested and toxic vaccinations on the entire world comes from the WHO, and is being promoted by Biden.

Ethan Huff writing for Natural News tells us, “The purpose of this new WHO network is to track and limit the movement of people all around the world based on their obedience to government orders, especially during a “public health emergency” like the Wuhan coronavirus.  When the next pandemic is launched, the WHO will be ready and waiting with this new network to control everything.

“The WHO’s plan is to use this new network to oversee all buying and selling, i.e., commerce and the economy, during the next contrived global event.”

Dr. Michael Yeadon’s recent article is posted at Exposing the Darkness. He writes, “The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty and the separate International Health Regulations (as amended from time to time) together create an extraordinarily wide transfer of personal sovereignty to a faceless (unelected) bureaucracy on grounds of fake concern for your health and that of other people….and animals (farmed and wild) and plants (ditto).

“Under a rubbish label called ‘One Health,’ absolutely everything that happens on earth, directly or indirectly, could be argued as representing a risk to health of something or somebody and so a suitable topic for being interfered with.”

Dr. Elizabeth Evans writing for TCW Defending Freedom, “The UK Medical Freedom Alliance is joining grassroots campaign groups in the UK and around the world, with US and UK politicians, in strongly opposing the proposed World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty (CA+) and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005).

“The proposed World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty (CA+) and the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (2005) are two separate and unrelated legal instruments, but individually and combined constitute a major power grab and serious threat to national and individual sovereignty from the unelected and unaccountable WHO.

“The WHO would thereby have decision-making power over, and above our own government and every other government.  When you watch footage of the 26 million people of Shanghai locked down in their homes, their cats and dogs beaten to death in the street, the WHO would, by the terms of the new treaty, have the power to impose the same on cities in America.  Know too, that under the terms of the treaty, the WHO does not have to show any data to legitimize its conclusions or decisions.”

They would define the next pandemic.  Can lockdowns to fix the climate be far away?

It’s totalitarian control.  Communism and fascism will join forces to make international law.

“The WHO are to establish themselves as the undisputed arbiters and enforcers of health policy for all nations.

“The gloves are off!”

©2023. Kelleigh Nelson. All rights reserved.

Next up: Part Six:  A Blueprint for Saving our Country: The War Can Be Won.

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