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Yale graduate, former reporter for the Denver Post, the New York Times and the author of best-selling espionage novels such as The Faithful Spy, Alex Berenson is no stranger to many readers. Yet Berenson’s struggle to bring sanity and truth to the Covid Crisis and to the ensuing lockdown of America merits considerably more attention and praise.

Those who followed Berenson’s almost daily postings on could not help but be impressed with his evenhandedness in researching reams of Covid-related data coming from universities and from medical research facilities worldwide. He wanted to know the origins of Covid. How Covid is transmitted? Which countries were hit by Covid? Why did the malaria-ridden countries seem so immune to Covid?* Which treatments worked? Was natural immunity better than vaccines?

Initially, Berenson reached no conclusions, merely quoting from published studies and letting them speak for themselves. Yet for even daring to quote — without taking sides — from some studies suggesting that Covid was no more of a threat than the Flu or SARs and that draconian steps were not needed, Berenson started to be censored by social media and by the MSM.

Slowly, but inexorably, Berenson reached certain conclusions about Covid and the lockdown reactions to the virus and published them in Pandemia: How Coronavirus Hysteria Took Over our Government, Rights, and Lives, 2021, and also Unreported Truths About Covid-19 and Lockdowns and Vaccines, Parts 1-3, 2021. Part 4 came later.

Consequently, Berenson became even more demonized by the MSM. So, how bad was it personally for the Berenson family? A recent vignette as told by Berenson is illustrative:

“Summer 2021, the Twitter-ban era: a friend of one of our kids came to our house to play. When they realized I – not my wife – was supervising, the child’s parents told us they were uncomfortable and would retrieve their kid immediately.

They weren’t joking. They arrived in minutes. They made a three-point turn in our driveway so they were facing out and wouldn’t spend any extra seconds close to me.

I watched their child run to their car, watched it disappear down the road, thinking: Now my kids are paying the price, too.”

Eventually, the truth behind Berenson’s reporting became all too evident.

Berenson continues: “Yesterday the mother of that child told me I’d been right about the lockdowns – and about Covid generally. The conversation wasn’t long, but it was long enough. 2020 and 2021 had been incredibly difficult, she said. She didn’t like how frightened she’d become, she hardly recognized the person she’d been…”

Failure to bend a knee to the Covid Cops cost many people their jobs. Vaccine-suspicious troops were summarily discharged, families were split apart and, worst of all, the Covid hysteria allowed partisan elected officials and bureaucrats to run roughshod over our normal safeguards against election fraud and they fixed the outcome of the 2020 elections to their liking.

*”I’d be dead from malaria if not for chloroquine & doxycycline,” tweeted Elon Musk on June 17, 2023.

Nota bene: Elon Musk’s live-saving, a-few-cents-a-day Covid treatment, AKA the HCQ Cocktail, was suggested early-on by President Trump and immediately trashed by Big Pharma and the MSM.

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