American Marxism vs. American Stalinism

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” — Joseph Goebbels

I have been writing about Russian and Chinese espionage for the last forty years to educate the American people with my deep concern over American national security in the 20th century. Yes, our national security is at stake, because Russia, China, and the “Axis of Evil” under Russia’s umbrella continue attacking us in the 21st century. Turmoil in Russia puts the World in an additional high risk. The revolt of Wagner was an effective force with active Military and Intel Apparatus–the revolt was a part of the coup with 25.000 000 mercenaries. Putin maneuvered very fast and successfully; Wagner’s boss was exiled to Belarus. I don’t know why Evgeniy Prigozhin has surrendered. It can be a game of Russian disinformation as well…

The crack in Russia is not occidental, on the contrary, it is normal and regular. The country under several different names has been living in Soviet Socialism, which are lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. Soviet Socialism has very little to go with Marxism—Marxism is Theory. I have been studying Marxism at Law School for four years. Soviet Socialism has been invented by Comrade Stalin in contrary to Marxist Theory and its ideas. Here is the prove:

Creating the Theory of Socialism and Communism as a means of rooting out the exploitation of man by man, Marx and Engels purposely divided it into two phases: the first phase was Socialism and the second –- Communism. They identified in detail the tasks, agendas, and ways to achieve them in the “Theory”, as follows:

  • First – the tasks and agenda—overthrowing the capitalist economic system and establishing Socialism as a basis for the creation of a classless Communist society in the future.
  • Second – how to fulfill the tasks and agenda—through World Revolution.
  • Third – the World Revolution would occur under the leadership of the proletariat.  “Proletariats of the world unite!” was their slogan.
  • Fourth – Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European countries.

“Pay attention to the fourth point:” Marxist Theory can be applied only in industrially developed European countries.” Russia was an agricultural country and has never been an industrially developed European country. The creation by Stalin of his system of Soviet Socialism was in direct opposition to Marxism. It was a typical Stalinist fraud. Socialism couldn’t exist without the government force. To create Soviet Socialism, Stalin used Marxist rhetoric to fabricate his own system that was completely intertwined with punitive agencies. The creation of the Soviet Mafia, Socialist modus operandi, and the KGB’s Mafia/Army had been a necessity for Stalin to help deceive and defraud people.  A devoted disciple of Stalin/Andropov, Vladimir Putin is still keeping the Soviet system of punitive agencies in Russia after the Soviet Socialism had collapsed.” The Democrat Party: A Party of Disinformation and Fraud May 21, 2023.

That is the reason, I repeatedly remind you about Soviet-Socialist Modus Operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud. The Operation Disinformation have started in the beginning of the 20th century by Stalin, building class-warfare and never ended. America has never learned Stalinism and is unable to recognize it. By the way, if you read my columns or any of my books, you will learn that all countries overturned to Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet fascism, had been subverted by the same exact way. If you look at America today, you will be stunned by lies, deceptions, fabrications, and fraud used by Biden’s White House and his entire administration. Welcome to Soviet Socialism in America!!! It is like in the Soviet Union—Inside a Gigantic Network of Falsehood.

I deliberately took a part of the title from my book: Socialist Revolution in America, XLIBRIS, 2021. Chapter 14 was titled: Soviet Fascism in the 21st Century: Inside A Gigantic Network of Falsehood. Yes, I was calling Soviet Socialism, Soviet Fascism during the entire forty years of my writings. My opinion has not changed. Actually, studying Soviet Socialism in Russia and America, I came to a certain conclusion: Stalinist-Soviet Socialism was built by a Dictator Stalin, he has been skillfully wailing and crafting Soviet Fascism, then spreading it across the world by the KGB’s Mafia/Army.
“Fascism is an extreme authoritarian, ultranationalist political ideology and movement, characterized by a dictatorial leader, centralized autocracy, militarism, forcible suppression of opposition, … “ Wikipedia

A fascist is a follower of a political philosophy characterized by authoritarian views and a strong central government — and no tolerance for opposing opinions. Oppressive dictatorial regime.

I consider a mistake to contemplate a right-wing group as a basis of fascism. In real life, the left-wing appeared to be the bases of fascism. If you read different opinions on fascism, you will see that some individuals agree with me. By the way, I planned to title my book: Putin’s Socialist Revolution in America, but I was too late to change the title. Reading the book, you will see Putin’s personal role in destroying and ruining America in all aspects of human lives: economy, education, crime, and the school shooting…

Soviet-Socialist Modus Operandi: Lies, Deceits, Fabrication, And Fraud

Now we are awaiting the next move from Putin after the Wagner rebellion. The revolt reveals Putin’s great vulnerability. His military was demonstrating weakness and instability, Russia demonstrated a Chaos. Turmoil in Russia puts the World in high risk, but the name of Evgeniy Prigozhin opened Putin’s huge secret door. Prigozhin is the oligarch and Putin’s friend for over thirty years, look at his spectacular activities:

“Prigozhin now controls a network of influential companies, including the Russian state-backed mercenary company Wagner Group and three companies accused of interference in the 2016 and 2018 U.S. elections.[8] According to a 2022 investigation by BellingcatThe Insider, and Der Spiegel, Prigozhin’s activities “are tightly integrated with Russia’s Defense Ministry and its intelligence arm, the GRU“.[9]   Wikipedia

Pay attention to Prigozhin’s variety of different actions “tightly integrated with Russia’s Defense Ministry and its intelligence arm, the GRU“.[9]

Watch the agency named the CRU. It is the short answer to why I have been writing about the KGB’s Mafia/Army for forty years. Russia has a centralized Military and Intel. That had been established by Stalin and his devoted disciples Andropov/Putin saved it. That has the same answer to why Wagner had the leaders from the Military and Intel. The Soviet experts in America are not familiar with this alliance between the Military and Intel, they don’t know its structure and capacity. As well as running agents, the GRU has its own spetsnaz (special ops) commandos, whose mission is to conduct reconnaissance and sabotage. In Soviet times, they were active in conflict zones around the world, and spearheaded the invasion of Afghanistan in 1979.

When the Soviet Union broke up, the GRU’s great rival, the KGB secret police, split in two – a domestic version called the FSB (which Russian President Vladimir Putin once led) and a foreign service called the SVR – but the GRU remained intact. It did change its name in 2010 from the Main Intelligence Directorate to the Main Directorate (the GU), but the GRU acronym stuck. A report for the US Congress describes the GRU as a “large, expansive, and powerful organization” but very little is known for certain about its size and operations.” Why Russia’s GRU military intelligence service is so feared, 19 April 2021, BBC News.

That was the reason for me, not knowing the GRU as well as I knew the KGB, to have united the entire Russian Intel Apparatus under familiar to the world one name–the KGB—a former secret police. Remember, Vladimir Putin was the last leader and then the leader of the same mission under the different name of the FSB. Russia has changed names of the KGB eight times in the past to cover the crime it had committed. If it needs to, Russia will change the names again, but never stop committing crime against humanity. That is the Putin secret door Evgeniy Prigozhin can open, if he survives. The Russian bad actors are not only in Europe, the Middle East, or other places causing destruction, many of them in the U.S…, some Obama/Soviet holdovers in the White House, corruptly used Biden’s name by writing what he is reading to us every day.…

Russia is a Terrorist State, for you information, Russia had orchestrated and coordinated all attacks on the 9/11 in 2001. The FBI and CIA have already been infiltrated and are now dysfunctional. Knowing Russian Intel Apparatus, the FBI was supposed to preven the attacks on 9/11 crimes. The FBI had not done that. The Durham report discredit the FBI Russia Probe. The FBI made me a Foreign Agent in 2002 by submitting my name to FAISA Court and banned my writings consequently. Only a Russian person with the awareness of the Russian Intel Apparatus could value my writings about the KGB’s Mafia/Army. Those examples show failures of both the FBI and CIA for years…

That failure had allowed the Russian KGB to infiltrate, drug, and assassinate Americans in the 20th century. Read my definition of WWIII. The Russian method of infiltration to overturn the country to Socialism is the same to all targeted countries for the last hundred years. The goal is to get your man in charge of the government. That’s exact happened to America: Putin and his KGB’s Mafia/Army have committed a coup d’état in America in 2020. With the checks and balances, at the end of the Republican Committees’ investigations, you will know more or read my columns or, at least, one book…

When I am writing, the TV translated a Judge reads the Verdict to the police officer in Portland—the officer is Acquitted. If you read my columns, you will be surprised by the reality of life—all the shooting in the schools in America have been orchestrated and coordinated by the bad actors from Socialist/Communist countries…. By the Soviets! Please, remember, you are always dealing with the KGB’s Mafia/Army, when you are connected with former Soviet Republics or with the former political satellites—you are never free from the KGB’s Mafia/Army!!!

Today is a good day for America and her people: the Supreme Court outlaws race as a college admissions factor. It was supposed to be done twenty-five years ago, but, better late than never… It is a Legal Decision for all people, returning them to colorblind tendency. The color of your skin can’t think about your future, your brain does. To finish this column, let me tell you my story, which is also connected to Marx and Stalin. When I immigrated to America, I didn’t know English. With no friends and money, I took the second language in the Church. The first words I learned were Diversity the state of being diverse; variety. I couldn’t remember the word and asked the teacher in a month or two. Why don’t we have Black people in the class? She looked at me, like I was sick, she didn’t answer my question and I didn’t dare to insist.

Coming home, I asked my son the same question. He was laughing… “They came to America from Africa 200 years ago.” “No, I talked with our neighbor, she is an educated individual from Jamika and she had known the language for many years. I don’t know why, but I have been hated the word Diversity since. Twenty years past and I found why I didn’t like the word—it was the Soviet Disinformation. As a matter of fact, the Soviets began infiltrating the Black communities with the propaganda of “White Oppressors” “White Privileges” in the 1950-1960th and “White Supremacies” in the 2017-2023. As you can see Stalinism is alive and well in America. The angry Biden is building Soviet Socialism and the punitive apparatus to punish parents, domestic-terrorists.

To learn more about Marxism, Stalinism and Slavery, please read my column: Slavery has no Color: Karl Marx, Slavery and Stalinist/Socialist Charlatans June 23, 2020

To be continued and at

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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