REPORT: 87% of Conservatives on the Hill Failing on Liberty Score!

Less than One in Eight Republicans Receive ‘A’ Grade! 

Shocking! As we dug into this Liberty Score report, we found more alarming revelations that reveal the GOP’s dismal voting record!

It’s abundantly clear that our hope lies with We the People, not the GOP, to Save America!

True conservatives are fighting on the Hill against a Uni-party system that includes real RINO’s, Neo-Cons, and, if we are honest, Cowards.

Only 35 out of 271 Republican Members of Congress, or one in eight, scored 90% or better!

Over 2/3rds of House and Senate Republicans (192) scored a C or worse, voting conservatively less than 89% of the time.

One half of House and Senate Republicans (130) scored a D or F, voting conservatively less than 69% of the time and a whopping 79 reps voted conservatively less than half the time.

We were not surprised to see 9 champions with an A+ Liberty Score, including Chip Roy, Bob Good, Marjorie Greene, Paul Gosar, Lauren Boebert, Matt Rosendale, Dan Bishop, Andy Biggs, and Byron Donalds.

In truth, this legislative scorecard is America’s scorecard!

We can’t dream of making a real impact to secure our elections, our borders, our energy impendence, our economy, parental rights, schools, or any other big-ticket issues without champions in office willing to work for We the People and We the People holding them accountable!

It’s going to take more than an ‘R’ next to a candidate’s name to save America!

Regardless of their political party, lawmakers largely decide how to cast their votes based on the best probability of re-election in their district! If they hear from constituents, they track and count those contacts as representing 1000 voters.

Often, it’s the Left that solely occupies the civic battleground for our culture and policy.

Elected officials need to hear from us. If we are dissatisfied with our government, it is our duty to participate as a representative republic and aid in its restoration.

At Act for America, we’ve helped millions of voters make their voice heard and counted and, together, have achieved over 122 million direct emails, petitions, phone calls and public social media posts this past year alone.

“America is not governed by the majority; it is governed by the majority who participate”Thomas Jefferson

It’s going to take the participation of all Americans to set America on a better course and it’s getting easier than ever for us to do just that.

Let’s get beside these elected officials and raise our liberty scorecard together!

Get to know your reps voting record here

Make sure you are registered to vote here


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