ABSURED! Biden Regime Supports ‘Blocking out the Sun’

“The uncontested absurdities of today are the accepted slogans of tomorrow.” — Ayn Rand.

These lunatics are truly evil. They will be the death of us all. What about all those solar panels the government mandated? Not to mention the unintended consequences on how this will affect crops, farming, food supply, vitamin D etc. or the mental health crisis in this country.

White House Floats the Idea of Blocking Out the Sun

BY: TNR, July 6, 2023:

For years, advocates have refused to consider the possibility that geoengineering to slow climate change could be an option on the table. But we may be at a point where its use is inevitable.

Last week, the United States government tiptoed a little closer to the world of science fiction. In a 44-page report it seemed at pains to say was not its own idea, the White House laid out a five-year research plan to explore the development and eventual deployment of solar radiation management (SRM) technology—the idea of blocking out the sun to slow down climate change.

Skeptics say SRM is dangerous and untested, and has a laundry list of potential impacts that, similarly, seem straight out of a disaster movie: worsened winters, disappearing monsoons, damage to the ozone layer, and droughts that could devastate already dry regions. In recent years, prominent climate scientists have organized to call for a total moratorium on researching and testing the technology. But others say its deployment is becoming virtually inevitable as the world’s biggest polluters—the U.S. among them—appear incapable of making the large-scale adjustments necessary to avoid the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

“The question becomes, what should we do, given that we’re not doing what we should be doing?” said Toby Svoboda, an environmental ethicist at Colgate University and the author of a book on the ethics of climate engineering. “Politically, this is pretty significant, that the Biden administration would signal their openness to this.”

For the uninitiated, SRM encompasses an array of highly controversial geoengineering techniques that minimize the warming impact of the sun—and thus the worsening impacts of human-caused climate change—primarily by injecting reflective chemical compounds into the earth’s atmosphere.

Ordered by Congress as part of a 2022 appropriations bill, the new White House report stops short of issuing a new policy directive on the technology or its use. But it does suggest developing scenarios in which SRM might be used, and even supports testing the technology in small-scale, real-world deployments.

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