Iran’s Mullahs and Their Nuclear Game

For four decades, the U.S. State Department has called the Islamic Republic of Iran the world’s “most active state sponsor of terrorism.” For forty years, U.S. officials claimed the Islamic Republic of Iran had continued funding, providing weapons, training terrorists, and giving sanctuary to several terrorist groups. And for years, the U.S. administration has been unable to outdo the Islamic Republic’s propaganda machine and clearly has been unable or perhaps unwilling to help the Iranian people to end the Islamic nightmares in Iran.

Former President George W. Bush, at his many annual State of the Union addresses, spoke numerous times about the plight of the Iranian people. He once said, “If the Iranian people stand for themselves, the United States will stand with them.” Throughout his presidency, the Iranians, of all people, hailed Bush as a courageous President and an angel of freedom. While his popularity surged in Iran, his approval rating at home declined. Finally, the Iranian people realized that Bush’s love affair was all about Tehran’s nuclear ambition, not their freedom and liberty for the Iranian people. Like his predecessors, it was “all hat, no cattle.”

As time went on, Bush vowed that the Islamic Republic would never be allowed to achieve its goal of developing nuclear bombs on his watch. He kept using all kinds of threats and promises to persuade the mullahs to drop the nuclear project, to no avail. When a belligerent end-of-the-worlder, Holocaust-denier Ahmadinejad, became the Islamic Republic of Iran’s selected president, things started heating up significantly. The bellicose Ahmadinejad repeatedly kept vilifying the ‘Great Satan’ and its sidekick Israel for having the gall to demand Iran abandon its program. In contrast, his two main adversaries had their own nuclear weapons arsenal. Ahmadinejad informed the world that what the Islamic Republic does is within its own national rights.

He proved his credibility cleverly by dispatching endless series of negotiators to meetings with Europeans. He was successfully stalling for time while working around the clock to get to Surge Capacity.

Iran’s desire for peaceful nuclear technology dates to the 1950s, when the Shah of Iran received technical assistance under the U.S. Atoms for Peace program. While this assistance ended with the 1979 Iranian Revolution, under the late Shah, Iran launched a plan to achieve “Surge Capacity.” A code word for getting all the ingredients and procedures down pat for making the bomb quickly, short of actually making it; a clever power-play.

A saint and revered man of God, according to none other than Jimmy Carter (who considers himself another great man of God), the late Ayatollah Khomeini canceled the nuclear program with the same saintly and prompt edict that he canceled the life of thousands of Iranians for daring to disagree with his system of medieval Sharia rule. In no time, the vicious Mullahs gutted the Iranian armed forces and executed many of its most capable officers.

Saddam Hussein watched gleefully as the Iranian military disintegrated and found the opportunity to carry out his Pan-Arabism ambition by attacking Iran. Some eight years of barbaric butchery killed and maimed millions on both sides gutted the vibrant Iranian economy, and visited misery of all sorts upon the Iranian people. After Khomeini’s demise, another more crafty and ambitious mullah, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, became the president and secretly re-activated the program. At the same time, the IAEA watchdog snoozed contentedly on the job.

Years later, the MEK (Mujahadeen-e-Khalq) ‘whistle blower’ revealed Iran was cheating and had a secret nuclear weapons research program. Finally, the world witnessed first-hand proof positive that the mullahs were racing tirelessly with their scheme of getting the ultimate weapon.

This information greatly alarmed the United States of America and Israel. The revelation bothered no European nation, the Russians, or the Chinese. Somehow these nations figured that they would let the U.S. do all the worrying about the looming menace. At the same time, they focused on the lucrative business deals they had diligently worked out with the mullahs: something reminiscent of the cozy deal the French and the Russians had to go with the butcher of Baghdad, Saddam Hussein.

Fast Forward:

With Obama at the helm, Iran and six world powers known as the P5+1 (China, France, Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States) reached a nuclear deal on July 14, 2015, known as ‘Iran Nuclear Deal’ that intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program and enhanced monitoring in exchange for relief from nuclear sanctions. This appeared to benefit the Islamic Republic while secretly leaving the door open for Iran to continue its nuclear ambition.

On May 2018, President Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal and restated a crippling sanction on Iran.

The best predictor of the future is the past. The Mullahs are proven vicious mass killers. The religious fanatic mullahs’ record is of deception, dissimulation, treachery, violence, and much more. These Quran-trained and directed agents of a wrathful Allah can never be trusted. They are master schemers. They have been in the business of scheming for centuries. They have perfected the art of deception, double talk, double-dealing, and treachery. Prudence demands better proofs, much better proofs. History will prove that President Trump did the right thing.

This raw, despicable regime represents the inevitable result of Islam, and its calling card of terrorism is now marching from the Iranian focal point to all parts of the globe. For the past forty years, people in the West, especially in the United States, have been on the receiving end of a very sophisticated and convoluted campaign of disinformation and propaganda dished out by the Islamic Republic’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and its lobbyist organizations in the U.S.  MOIS, (The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran) learned its methodology directly from the Soviet KGB. Many Islamists who supported Khomeini were trained in the old Soviet Union.

My advice to the Biden administration is don’t let down your guard and make sure that no one lulls you into the deadly trap of complacency.

Yet, if the mullahs get their hands on the bomb, they will use it in numerous ways. They will use it for blackmail, they will use it in small packages through untraceable proxies, and they might even launch it with their missiles in a homicide-suicide fashion which is their trademark.

In short: the U.S. has, in secular Iranians, its best friends in the Islamic world. The U.S. must help these Iranians to dislodge the vicious doomsday Mullahs, not as an act of altruism but as a prudent measure of enlightened self-interest.

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