The ‘Hottest Ever’ Media Hype

Global warming campaigners are pushing the notion that we just had the “hottest ever” three days in recorded history.

The warming-compliant media picked up the “hottest ever” line and ran with it.

We posted a serious debunking at  The Daily Caller’s Nick Pope explains that in order to come up with their “hottest ever” hype, warming campaigners turned to “a data tool from the University of Maine which the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has warned is not as dependable as traditional observational data.”

Reality not hot enough for ya? You can always scare everyone with an agenda-driven computer analysis!

CFACT’s Marc Morano called it “weaponizing weather” on Fox and posted that “Biden’s EPA reveals the 1930’s had more severe heatwaves in USA than present day.”

July Average Maximum Temperature vs Year 1895-2023 infographic

Climate data expert Tony Heller posted the graph above and tweeted, “the five hottest July’s in the U.S. were 1936, 1901, 1934, 1930 and 1931.”

Do you think Team Warming will be able to airbrush the searing heat of the 1930s and “the great dust bowl” that resulted out of our collective consciousness?

Geological Timescale: Concentration of CO2 and Temperature Fluctuations infographic.

Greenpeace co-founder, and close CFACT friend, Patrick Moore shared the graph above, which reminds us that on a geological time scale we’re actually living in a “coldest ever” period for the Earth.

Reporters should start doing their jobs, fully vet these “hottest ever” claims, and ask those who made them the tough questions that will cool down the hype.

The media keeps right on publishing unvetted, easily disproven, climate propaganda.

Read the latest climate fact check now.

For nature and people too.


EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. All rights reserved.

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