Florida County Republican Registrations Report—June 2023

Florida Republicans continue the trend of making registration gains as Republican registrations relative to Democrat registrations increased by 42,189 registrations in June and by 224,485 registrations since the book closing for the 2022 general election. Florida Republicans now have a 530,435 relative registrations advantage over the Democrats. Republican registrations were 37.02% of total registrations and Republicans now enjoy a 3.71% of total registrations advantage over the Democrats (see tables).

The Democrats continue the Biden era phenomena of losing registrations as Democrats lost 69,862 additional registrations in June, 211,486 registrations since the 2022 book closing, and 543,411 registrations since the 2020 election. The Republican registrations decreased by 27,673 in June, and the number of registrations which are neither Republican nor Democrat decreased by 13,518 registrations in June (see chart).

Revised Note: There have been some relatively large shrinkages in the number of registrations in Florida Counties. Given the large population growth that continues in Florida, this shrinkage seems odd. Leslie Swan, the Indian River County Supervisor of Elections, provided information that the law was changed to make it easier to shift voters into the inactive voter category, a category where the process of removing the inactive voter from the voter rolls is initiated.

Cleaner voter rolls are a good thing. In the long term it should make for a truer reflection of the political sentiments of the electorate. It the short term it may give an over indication of just how much the electorate is changing.

Ownership Republicans Versus Rentership Republicans

One of the vital tasks of Republican Executive Committees, and their members, is to grow the number of Republican voters. Since the electorate is growing, the task becomes to grow the number of Republican voters relative to the number of Democrat voters.

The following table shows the popular Republican presidential vote margin on a percentage basis relative to the Democrats starting with the 1984 presidential election. Note: For the 1992 and 1996 Republican percentages, the Perot percentages of the vote was added to the Republican’s nominee percentages of the vote.

Election year Republican Margin Election Year Republican Margin
1984 +18.21% 2004 +2.47%
1988 +7.72% 2008 -7.26%
1992 +13.35% 2102 -3.86%
1996 -0.11% 2016 -2.09%
2000 -0.51% 2020 -4.46%

The table clearly show that Republicans have lost massive amounts of political market share over the years. Why the loss?

Hernando de Soto penned The Other Path: The invisible Revolution in the Third world. The invisible revolution de Soto wrote of was the instituting of systems which formalized property ownership for the masses to counter the Peruvian Shining Path communist revolutionary movement. De Soto stressed the importance of widespread participation in legally recognized property ownership to maintain political support for a private property based socio-economic systems (capitalism).

An invisible revolution also applies to the United States, but in the reverse. Our property system has been corrupted, and along with other negative socio-economic changes, has led to our Republic, and by extension Republicans, being in serious political trouble.

The Democrats, those Republicans aligned with the Democrats, government and non-government organizations, and, at least in Florida, an anti-conservative Republican primary system where non-Republicans voters are commonly the deciding factor in electing the most liberal of the Republican choices in open primaries with only Republican candidates in the race, have all contributed to the undermining of the private property system.

Republicans in Florida have no excuse for not understanding the political importance of the widespread ownership of property as voter registrations are publicly available. Even a rudimentary examination of voter registrations readily shows Democrats with an out-sized advantage with those voters who are forced to rent their housing. There are currently massive amounts of rental housing being constructed in Florida!

In non-corrupt real estate markets rentership is not a significant factor in how people vote, but in corrupted real estate markets, rentership is a huge political factor. The opposition has seen to it that real estate markets are pretty much corrupted everywhere.

There are many factors that keep people from purchasing their housing, including inadequate jobs, poor levels of education, development taxes, zoning that does not provide for adequate amounts of property intended for owner-occupied housing, the government subsidizing of rental properties and rents, the forcing of rental properties to be included in housing developments, favorable depreciation schedules for apartments, low rates of marriage and higher rates of delayed marriages, high interest rates on mortgages, supply chain problems, over-zealous building codes, the government purchasing of land and removing the land from possible development, government housing densification efforts, substance abuse, inflation, etc.

Many local elections will be held this year and housing related issues are often local issues. Republicans need to oppose those politicians who support policies which increase rentership rates, who create conditions that delay family formation, and who support policies which make family formation and home ownership untenable for people of average means.

How may such anti-ownership politicians be recognized? The opposition is great at branding and the branding they use in their rental housing efforts is affordability. The pro-rental housing opposition counts on Republicans thinking of starter homes when affordable housing is mentioned, when what the opposition goal is to have rental housing created, and this is often subsidized rental housing, so Republicans end up subsidizing their own downfall.

The environment is also used in anti-real estate development branding. Urban sprawl is the opposition’s term that is used to achieve densification, which drives up housing costs and prices many out of the home buying market.

A facet of communism is the government ownership of property. It never ceases to amaze when anti-communist Republicans rationalize that communism is bad, but their government ownership of land is good when the land is being “saved” from having housing built upon it!

It also never ceases to amaze that the opposition has stressed for decades that the world cannot tolerate any more people. Americans readily bought into this idea and dutifully reduced the size of their families. Now the opposition has opened the border for millions of people to move in and populate our country. Why are the environmentalists, striving for a less populated world and country, still in the camp of the opposition?

Republican candidates should also ask the oppositions’ voters that when they look into a mirror do they see their landlord in the reflection? If not, they should be informed that they are likely being purposely used by the opposition for votes. There is nothing more alienating to a renter than when they see their rents increasing while their home-owning countrymen are gaining unearned wealth as the corrupted housing markets unjustly increases the values of their homes. Alienated voters currently vote Democrat! The source of this alienation should rightfully be assigned to the Democrats so Republicans can capture these votes!

Demand Republican candidates speak of housing in terms of ownership or rentership. Politicians talking only of affordable housing should not be supported as they are the opposition whether they are Republicans or not. Identify and oppose Republicans who support policies that result in higher rates of rentership! Support those Republican candidates that champion widespread participation in homeownership! The Constitution, and our Republic, can only survive if our nation has a super majority of propertied voters!

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