And BAM! It’s No Longer an Insurrection

Well, that was quick. Now that the Democrats’ favorite Fed, Ray Epps, faces prosecution, the ground has suddenly shifted.


This breach into the Capitol Building, or for another side of the building, being personally beckoned inside by cops, was much worse than setting fire to the president’s church. And much, much worse than beatdowns, terror campaigns, and street takeovers that Antifa and Black Lives Matter have been pulling off since at least 2016. Pulling down a Black Lives Matter banner in front of a D.C. church is worse in the eyes of the law than setting a church on fire. And don’t you forget it, Mister.

But now all of that has changed with Epps. Epps, as you undoubtedly have heard or seen, is the only January 6 participant seen on multiple videos urging people to go into the Capitol Building. Videos show he was at the barricades when he whispered into the ear of a man who then began to crash the barriers down. On January 5, he was recorded telling people to attack the Capitol the next day and the crowd started yelling, “Fed! Fed! Fed!”…..

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