U.S. Airforce Penniless and Navy Attack Subs are Drydocked!

Let’s Go Brandon: U.S. Air Force Has a Funding Shortfall under Biden’s Leadership

American Liberty Report | 7/19/2023

In the latest sign that Joe Biden is working directly for Communist China, the U.S. Air Force now has a funding shortfall. The Air Force has to suspend all bonuses and promotions for the next three months.

The reason? Costs due to Joe Biden’s inflation have basically caused the Air Force to run out of money. Jet fuel that cost $1.85 per gallon when President Trump was in office is now $5.07 a gallon under the creepy kid sniffer. Imagine the cost overruns when fuel for all the fighter jets and other Air Force planes suddenly jumps 2.75X over what it was.

The Air Force says that the pay freeze and promotion suspensions will likely affect tens of thousands of service members. This is happening right as the Congressional Research Service has announced that 40% of America’s 53 attack submarines are currently sitting in dry-dock and awaiting repairs.

Communist China’s navy is far superior to ours in the sheer number of ships and sailors that they have. The only thing that makes up the difference and balances things out is our attack submarines.

“To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace.” -George Washington

The Naval Sea Systems Command says that “planning, material availability, and shipyard execution” are to blame for the attack subs being out of commission. It’s the fault of Pete Buttigieg’s supply chain woes, in other words. We can’t even get materials to quickly repair the subs.

Not to mention, China owns all the heavy metals needed for sub repairs, thanks to Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Hussein Obama shipping most of our steel manufacturing jobs over there.

The 2024 defense budget is set at $842 billion, which is a $26 billion increase over 2023 and a $100 billion increase over 2022. It’s perfectly normal for branches of the service to run out of funding right at the end of a fiscal year. Each branch is its own federal agency, so they make sure to spend all the available cash by the end of the year, to justify their budget for the next year.

But running out of money three months before the fiscal year is out? I can’t think of that ever happening under any other administration in US history.

For the next few months, nobody in the Air Force will receive a reenlistment bonus or bonus pay for extended deployments or difficult assignments. Oh, and it gets worse. Airmen who were expecting to move back to the US from overseas are stuck until next year. The money to move them and their families back here has dried up. It simply costs too much to move them.

Biden has actually cut Air Force funding. Biden reduced the Air Force budget by $194 million this fiscal year, even as he was sending close to $200 billion worth of cash and supplies to Ukraine.

Great job, Brandon!

The Air Force has faced minor shortfalls in the past, but the service has always been able to address that by cutting flight hours. They’ve never had to demoralize the entire branch of the service and all their family members by not paying them what they’re owed.

As for the submarines, that’s also a disaster in the making. With 40% of them in drydock, they’re not carrying out operations right now. The ones that are still in service—and the sailors on board them—have to fill in the gap. That puts a lot of strain on the working subs, meaning some of them may be added to the backlog soon. As we wait for China to send us the materials to repair them.

Just to give an idea of how bad the submarine crisis is, the USS Connecticut is one of three of our best Seawolf-class subs. It ran into an underwater mountain back in the fall of 2021. The sub won’t be repaired and back in operation until 2026 at the earliest.

You can’t chalk this up to incompetence on the part of Joe Biden and/or his “handlers.” They did this on purpose. It gets kind of scary when you think about all the bribes that Biden has taken from China, and now our military is suddenly running out of money.

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