Rev. Al: DeSantis ‘Saying We Should Erase’ Blacks and LGBTQ Folks

Tuesday on Deadline, MSNBC host and lifelong race hustler Al Sharpton claimed ludicrously that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) had said “we should erase” black and LGBTQ people.

Sharpton said, “When we look at the president and vice president, they stood there today with the survivor of the Till family, talking at that very moment in Florida, you have a state Board of Education that is saying that we are going to change how black history is taught. You have a governor who has said that we don’t need to say anything that makes others uncomfortable when it comes to blacks or, for that matter, LGBTQ and others.”

He continued, “So you have the contrast of America. You have a president saying, no, we shouldn’t forget. We have a governor who is running for president saying we should erase.”

Every word about DeSantis is a lie. The FL governor has said no such thing. But Sharpton didn’t get wealthy and powerful by telling the truth.

Al Sharpton

133 Known Connections

Eric Garner’s Daughter Says Sharpton Is “All About the Money”

During a January 2015 anti-“mass incarceration” protest at the St. George Ferry Terminal in Staten Island, New York, a Project Veritas undercover investigator with a hidden camera posed as a supporter of police chokehold victim Eric Garner and secretly recorded a conversation with 24-year-old Erica Snipes, Garner’s eldest daughter. “You think Al Sharpton is kind of like a crook in a sense?” asked the undercover. “He’s about this,” Snipes replied, rubbing her fingers together in a gesture indicating money. “He’s about money with you?” the undercover asked. “Yeah,” Snipes responded.

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